Advocare Shake: What It’s All About ?

You must be aware of protein shakes, milk shakes and chocolate shakes. Advocare shakes are new to the industry and are flavored to your taste choice. These can be a substitute for your daily routine meal or dinner. Most of you might not be aware of these and these are advertised as pretty much beneficial for weight loss treatment. So, today we are going to review the AdvoCare product based on our knowledge. Scroll down and know more details about the Advocare shakes.

What are Advocare Shakes?

Advocare Shake is a meal replacement shake for efficient weight loss available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Berry, and Chocolate Mocha flavors. According to the manufacturer, it combines valuable nutrients and vitamins, easily digested protein, and fiber. Today, we’re gonna check if it’s really that good.

Ingredients Of Advocare Shakes

Let’s outline some specific components of the shake prepared by
Crystalline fructose – the sweetest of all sweeteners. It potentially causes obesity and undesirable metabolism changes, a higher rate of bad LDL cholesterol and elevated triglycerides, as well as cardiovascular diseases. This component may also increase hunger and harm insulin levels.
Sucralose is another sweetener, and its impact on human organism isn’t fully studied.

Digestive enzymes – In fact, you don’t need those unless you have a medical condition.

Dutch processed cocoa with alkali – although being this extra mild, such powder contains two times fewer antioxidants than regular cocoa.

Artificial flavors – received from artificial chemicals, they can’t provide you with all necessary nutrients. Furthermore, they might have side effects e.g. allergic reactions.

Nutritional value

Advocare Shake is actually high caloric: 220 cals in Chocolate and 210 cals in Vanilla. Meal replacements of this kind are offered to bodybuilders and for those who’d like to lose weight, the value should be like 90 cals. In addition, it contains crystalline fructose and maltodextrin – processed sweeteners giving you extra 12 grams of sugar.

Protein quality

The shake features a 24-gram mix of proteins coming from different sources: whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, l-glutamine, l-lysine, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine. Using a normal meal replacement shake, you get all the BCAAs from just whey. The Advocare Shake’s whey obviously lacks quality – amino acids are stripped, so they added a blend of other proteins.

Price/quality ratio

Advocare Shake is sold in boxes. Each of those includes 14 pouches sufficient for two weeks. On average, one box costs $44.95. So for 28 days, the price is $89.99. $44.95 divided by 14 days equals $3.21 a day. By all means, this is too expensive for not the best protein source and artificial flavors. Not to mention, the amount isn’t enough for the whole month.

Scientific aspect

The official website tells us Advocare Shake features the optimum mix of protein and fiber, which is proven through clinical studies. However, they don’t cite any particular studies nor provide any links – so we can’t be sure the product is indeed qualitative and effective.

Too much sugar

You’re offered to replace two meals a day, which totals 24 grams of sugar. And the quality of the sweeteners is really questionable (see the “Ingredients”).

In conclusion

The shake provides 60% fewer vitamins and minerals than wholesome foods. It also contains potentially harmful sweeteners and unnecessary ingredients, lacks protein quality and is overly caloric. And it’s certainly overpriced. You can also try out this product and check out the ingredients from the label. Ask fitness freaks for their opinions before buying any protein product and we are not against to anyone.


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