Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed

Pot smoking is a common addiction nowadays. It feels really good when you do it the first time. You can drown all your sorrows and enter into a dreamy state. Until it lasts. Slowly, it starts taking its toll on your body. You lose your strength, your usual vigour; you’ve lost the energy to do anything except pot. You’re desperate to do it again and again while there’s a small voice in the back of your head saying, “This is wrong.” And you agree, but what choice do you have?

Actually, you do. You’ve no idea about the benefits of quitting weed. But you have to step up and say enough is enough. I know it’s not easy. It’s very tough to quit marijuana and it’s what makes it tough, that reminds your not to do it again every time you want to go back to it. You might be scared you’ll lose all your creativity or the stress-free you or the happiness, but actually, you become a lot better. Before we tell you how to stop smoking, let’s show you some really good benefits of quitting weed.

You never needed weed before you tried it. You don’t need it now.


Benefits of quitting weed :-

You might have thought that quitting weed is impossible (or) a difficult task but after reading all the benefits of quitting weed you will just give a thought of quitting weed. Hope this article will help you and get’s you out of that weed addiction.

1. Increased Creativity

You might argue that weed increases creativity. But that can’t be any further from the truth. When you’re on weed, you’re floating around in space and your thoughts are clouded. But as soon as you quit, in just a matter of weeks, you start feeling more creative. Your senses are sharper, you can concentrate better, your mind doesn’t wander off to some other dimension and you can think better. Your creativity increases ten-fold. Literally. If you don’t believe me, try staying sober for 4-5 weeks and then, try something creative, you’ll see what I mean.

creativity and Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed
Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed


2. Increased Energy and motivation

When you quit smoking, you gain back the energy you used to have before you started. You think straight, wake up earlier than you used to, get things done more, you can exercise more and you even feel a sense of accomplishment. You can do things better on your own and instead of having to follow someone around to some spot to get some weed, you can get some exercise and become fitter.

Benefits of quitting weed and how to stop smoking weed for better health
Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed


Benefits of quitting weed and how to quit smoking weed are two big challenges for us but,we have to overcome those weaknesses to achieve success.!! 

3. Improved memory and less paranoia

When you’re on weed, your memory becomes hazy and you can barely remember then people your met of the conversations you had just a couple of days ago. And you start getting paranoid and very anxious. But after you quit, the cloud over your thoughts lifts and you can think more clearly and your memory is a lot better. The paranoia that used to exist is no longer there.

Benefits of quitting weed and how to stop smoking weed to keep your personality
Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed


4. More money

You spent and awful lot of money on marijuana when you’re addicted to it but once you quit, you start investing smarter and in better things. You spendings cut down significantly and you can work more efficiently, meaning, more money in your pockets.

Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed to make good money
Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed


5. Better Health

The most important among the benefits of quitting weed is improved health. When you quit, your breathing becomes a lot better and deeper and your throat no longer feels agitated. Your diet improves and you can eat healthy food instead of munching on some junk food. Your skin complexion improves and you sweat doesn’t stink as much. All in all, you turn into a better person.

Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed for good health
Benefits of quitting weed, how to stop smoking weed


How to stop smoking weed

  • Decide to stop smoking
  • Get a trusted group of friends or family and make your decision known to them. They can remind you to quit every time you try to go back
  • You can’t quit all at once. So, take out your calender and portion out the amount of weed you plan to take in the next 30 days in such a way that you take lesser amounts each day up to the point that you quit totally on day 30.
  • Always keep track of the amount of weed you’re taking and don’t take more than you planned to.
  • Stay determined and never give up. You can do this. Weed can’t take over your life. And you know all the Benefits of quitting weed anyway.
  • Sat busy. Do anything to distract yourself from thinking about smoking. Go work out. Eat something healthy. Get fit.
  • Join a support group to share your experiences and get help.
  • See a therapist in case you need more professional help.
  • In case all of this doesn’t work, join rehab.

You’ll become a better you if you quit weed. All you have to do it try. If you still don’t believe me, just give it a shot. For a couple of weeks. You’ll see atleast a little difference. And if you go without it for more than a month, you’ll be surprised what sobriety can do for you.

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