From Bergamo Airport to Milan. Three transport options to go

Transport from Bergamo Airport To Milan & Places In Milan

Many tourists who dream to see Milan — the capital of Italian fashion and style —   arrive exactly to Bergamo Airport (also known as Orio al Serio). The airport is not very big but truly popular. Right there several popular European low cost carriers accept their passengers, so lots of tourists prefer arrive to this airport (not to Malpensa airport, for example). And after that they can get to Milan. If you are looking for the fastest or cheapest way to get from Bergamo airport to Milan, please read our transport guide.

What transport do they have in Bergamo airport?

The distance between the airport and the centre of Milan is 45 kilometers, so it’s no wonder that they have three transport options to get from the airport to the city: buses, trains and taxi (and also transfer booked in advance). Buses is a simple and cheap way to get from Bergamo to Milan. A train trip is more complex — you’ll have to get from Bergamo to the same-called town first, and then get on the proper train going to Milan. Tourists will spend two hours in the road (including the time for changing routes) for a price of EUR5. Taxi to Milan will cost much more — over EUR80. You also need to add different fees and markups for holidays / night routes / extra luggage / kilometers covered. The price for transfer Bergamo-Milan is fixed — EUR83 for a fifty-minute trip.

Transport tips on route Bergamo-Milan

If you arrive to Bergamo in the night, buses or trains won’t fit you — the have no night routes in the schedule. We would recommend going by bus to those tourists who want to save some money, who are traveling light-handed, without little children or heavy bags. By the way, you can purchase bus tickets online — in this way the price will be lower.

Still, a train trip will not suit every tourist — you’ll have to be good at getting around in Italy and be able not only to reach Bergamo, but also to buy tickets to Milan at local stores, and moreover, manage to reach the right stop (many trains go through Milan, and it’s not the final destination).

All those who can’t wait too long (little children / elderly tourists / those who are not feeling well / exhausted tourists) better take a taxi on the spot from an official carrier or book a transfer online. It will help them save money and enjoy the trip.

Train Bergamo — Milan

  • Transit routes to the central train station or Milano Porta Garibaldi
  • ~1 hour in the road (including the time for going from the airport to Bergamo)
  • ~1 hour waiting (for a bus in the airport or a train at the station)
  • Price €5
  • Comfort level: middle

Bus Bergamo — Milan

  • Terravision, Autostradale, Orioshuttle
  • 1-2 hours in the road
  • 20-30 minutes waiting at the bus stop
  • Price €4-5
  • Comfort level: middle

Taxi Bergamo — Milan

  • Transfer / taxi on the spot
  • 50 minutes in the road
  • No need to wait (meeting at arrival) / taxi 5-10 minutes waiting
  • Price over €80 (+ fees and markups); transfer price is fixed – €87
  • Comfort level: high

Don’t forget to see in Milan:

  • Teatro alla Scala opera theatre
  • Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
  • Via Monte Napoleone
  • Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio and Laurentian Basilica
  • Sforza Castle
  • Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Here is the best guide to travel from Bergamo airport to Milan safely. We have also listed best places to see in Milan which will help tourists to get maximum from their trip. If you have any other options in mind then do let us know through the comments section below and we would love to hear from you. Drop your mail address in the subscription box below to get all our latest posts directly to your mailbox for free. Have a safe trip and cheers 🙂

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