What’s the best android ROM? Our picks of the 3 best roms for android

We all enjoy our smartphones’ interfaces for a while until we get bored. Then, we try to spice things up again by installing all kinds of launchers and third-party applications to make our UI look a different. But there’s only so much a launcher or a theme can do. There’s always a void when you’re dumping third-party launchers on your phone. You wish you could change the whole UI, but, unfortunately, there are things an application can’t do. Like changing the system-wide theme or fonts or notification bar, etc. That’s where Custom ROMs step in. Custom ROMs have been around even since android has, and they’ve been doing a great job at making some awesome looking ROMs for a wide range of smartphones for free and they’ve even been kind enough to update them frequently. More over launchers will also help your phone to work fast. If you are looking for best launchers for your custom ROM then here are the Fastest Launchers In Android.

Let’s take a look at our top 3 picks for the best android rom.


Top 3 picks for the best android ROM

There are many android ROM’s available in market but we need the best ones. So,here is the list of the top 3 android roms which has got huge positive response. Yes, these rom’s will beautify your android phones and makes your multi tasking easy. We have also written on Best Slow Motion Apps For Android. Why to waste time,scroll down and find the best ones below.!!

1. Cyanogenmod

Cyanogenmod is the biggest, most supported ROM for Android and is widely regarded as the best android ROM. It has a wide range of compatible handsets and the list only keeps growing bigger and bigger every year. It was also one of the pioneers of the custom ROM revolution that came about in the past few years and soon, anyone who got bored with their smartphone’s UI,requested cyanogenmod makers to come up with a version for their device. And they responded. Cyanogenmod has the biggest, most active community of all custom ROM makers and gives frequent updates to its users to keep up with the latest iterations of android.

So what sets Cyanogenmod apart from its competitors and makes it the best android ROM? Well, for one, customizability. Sure, any custom ROM has customizability but not like cyanogenmod. Cyanogenmod ROMs look more authentic and original. Then put out a great vibe and sometimes make you wonder if they’re really custom ROMs. In simple words, cyanogenmod ROMs offer whatever you wish you had in your device’s stock UI but were sure you’d never get through OTA updates or third-party applications. And the best part is, cyanogenmod ROMs receive updates faster than most iterations of android and have lesser bugs most of the time. Sorry, Samsung.

Cyanogenmod’s UI, most of the time, resembles stock android, and can be modified using free or paid themes on the app store. Almost every aspect of the UI can be altered the way you want, so cyanogenmod gets 10 points for customization. Performance-wise, when a handset gets its first cyanogenmod version, it has bugs. But over time, you receive updates which sort them out, so it’s not a big deal. Overall, cyanogenmod ROMs are totally worth trying if you don’t mind voiding your device’s warranty and experimenting at your own risk (which is scary only if you have no clue what you’re doing). Test it out and let us know if you think it’s the best android ROM.

What's the best android ROM? Our picks of the 3 best roms for android
cyanogenmod, best android ROM


2. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android hasn’t been around for as long as Cyanogenmod. It started out a couple of years ago with Android 4.2 jelly bean. Cyanogenmod had a pretty good following by then, so the makers for Paranoid Android had to come up with something that would sway the cyanogenmod community. And they did. The UI isn’t much of an overhaul of stock android. It’s the little things that make Paranoid Android different from Cyanogenmod. One notable feature is immersive mode which lets you view information on the screen while blacking out the background completely; a feature which was later implemented by Motorola into Moto Peek. Did it become the best android ROM? Not exactly. But it did make life simpler for a lot of android users.

There are simple and nifty perks like curved ‘dynamic system bars’ that can be accessed by a simple swipe from any edge. They contain the system bars, notifications and other tools which can be re-arranged or modified as per the user’s requirements. Paranoid Android has a whole lot of supported devices and receives updates regularly and while it may not live up to the ‘Cyanogenmod rival’ status, it’s still a worthy adversary and worthy trying. Test it out and let us know if you think it’s the best android ROM.

What's the best android ROM? Our picks of the 3 best roms for android
Paranoid android, best android ROM




MIUI looks nothing like stock android. Literally nothing like it. For one, it doesn’t have an app drawer. And the notification bar, when pulled down, has a ton of options that can be customized or rearranged. It’s basically a rip-off of Apple’s Notification center. MIUI offers thousands of themes to encourage customization but you can’t shake off the feeling that everything looks too gooey and childish. Maybe its just me. I personally think it might have been made for teen girls from China. Sorry if that came off as racist. Anyway, while it may not be the best android ROM, the reason MIUI is so good is the dedication it’s makers put into updating it and making it better every month. Also, it’s used by most of China as, Xiaomi, until recent times, was China’s number one smart phone manufacturer. And all Xiaomi phones had MIUI. Test it out and let us know if you think it’s the best android ROM.

What's the best android ROM? Our picks of the 3 best roms for android
MIUI, best android ROM


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