Tips, Exercises And Precautions For Diabetes

Exercises,tips And Precautions For diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common disease in the world with many patients and sufferers. Its commonly called as SUGAR disease which won’t allow the diabetes patients to have high sugar content. If you are a diabetic person then you must know what are all the things you have to follow daily to keep yourself healthy. Unlike other diseases, it won’t affect patients body or system if we follow the diet properly. You have to control your intake and do some proper exercises daily to burn some cholesterol. These people have to maintain insulin level and blood sugar level properly.

Almost all people are aware of this disease because 3 out of 10 people will suffer from this disease and it’s a common disease like high blood pressure. There are 40 million diabetic patients in India and it is expected to reach 70 million by 2050. India is the capital of diabetes for the world. Diabetic people should have to maintain their blood sugar level properly. It should not be increased or decreased than the prescribed sugar level. All diabetic patients will suffer from joint pains, leg pains and few other small problems. In order to avoid these, all patients should do some exercises daily. So, today we will suggest you few exercises, tips and preventive measures for diabetic patients. If you are a sugar patient then it’s for you and if you have any one in your family suffering with this disease then share the link to them and it might be helpful for them.

Here are some basic tips and precautions for diabetics patients :-

These small tips will make huge difference in your health conditions. follow them regularly to avoid unnecessary problems.

  • Cut the extra weight in your body by avoiding more intake and doing exercises.
  • Don’t eat more carbohydrates food.
  • Test your sugar level at least once a day using a glucometer.
  • Visit your doctor regularly and get normal check up.
  • Never postpone your visit to the doctor when you are facing some health issues.
  • walk more and spend your calories more by doing some exercises.
  • Avoid sleeping more time because it makes you to eat more.
  • Manage your stress and work accordingly.
  • Take more vegetables and fruits instead of high carb foods.
  • Always carry a small chocolate with you and it will be used when your sugar level drops.

Follow these tips and precautions of diabetes to lead a healthy life with diabetes. Do bookmark this page and we will update this article on regular basis.

It’s always recommended to get your blood sugar levels check up. Here we are suggesting you a best glucometer called Alere G1 Glucometer which will help you to monitor your sugar blood levels time to time. Don’t neglect the regular checks because you can’t predict when your sugar levels will fall down (or) climb up. So, keep a Alere G1 Glucometer always handy so that you may check it anywhere at anytime. Two special features that need to be mentioned here are:-

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Alere G1 is also auto-coded. This is an excellent feature particularly for elderly patients. All of this for no extra cost and in fact, very affordable test strips. Considering it is the test strips that one needs to purchase over and over again and the glucometer is just a one-time purchase, this brand makes it to the top of our charts. A 100’s test strip pack (with two bottles of 50 tests each) is less than 900/- i.e., price per strip is less than Rs. 9/- per strip. You may check Snapdeal & Flipkart to know more. This brand offers the World’s First Gold Biosensor Technology.

Exercises For Diabetic Patients :-

It’s a common fact that Diabetic patients has to burn more calories daily in order to put their blood sugar levels in control.

Here are the list of exercises to get rid of excessive fat and all these are recommended for diabetic patients. Choose any one from the list based on your interest and you can also mix two or three exercises.

Walking -45 Min daily
This has been the best exercise for diabetes people and walk more. Consider doing brisk walking for atleast 10-15 minutes.

Jogging – 20-35 Minutes daily
Jogging does the same thing of walking but in a fast pace with higher heart beat rate.

Running – 15-20 Minutes daily
This will burn your calories faster than all other exercises. But, it’s not recommended for old aged and mid aged persons as they can’t put their bodies under fast heart beat.

Dancing – 20-30 Minutes Daily
Dance as much as you can. It not only gives enjoyment but also helps your body.

Yoga – 30 Minutes daily
Silence and peace of mind calms your brain and makes it to work better. Stress can be eliminated by this exercise

Swimming – 30 Minutes daily
Swimming is the best exercise to burn more calories with in less time. It moves all parts of your body and bring them to active stage.

All these are the best exercises for diabetic patients and make sure that you are not crossing your body limits during exercises. If you feel any pain (or) health issues then stop doing those exercises and consult your doctor immediately. If you have any doubts on this product you can comment below and we are here to help you. Have a good day cheers 🙂

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