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Receipts are the visual proof for our investments, buying or selling. There are two types of receipts available everywhere- hard receipt and soft receipt. Basically, we need receipt just as a proof and now most of the stores provide them through the mail but still some of them are not doing it. If you are in search of best receipt generator online then HOLA, you landed in the correct place. Hard copy receipts cannot be generated online but soft copy receipts are done easily. Free online receipt makers and invoice generators

Note :- No need of installing or downloading any software, plugins in order to generate the receipt. Make sure you are not downloading anything except the filled form i.e. receipt.

Before proceeding further, we will help you out in understanding the difference between hard receipts and soft receipts.

Hard receipts :- These are hard copies or printed copies of your product information with pricing. These are usually generated and printed by store owners.

Soft receipts :- These are online receipts which will be mailed to you after purchasing online. For example, Amazon sends the bill of your purchase to your mail id in the form of soft receipt.

Now you got clear idea on soft and hard receipts which are widely used in all forms of transactions. Here is the list of best online receipts maker which will help you in some way or other.

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Best Free Online Receipt Makers :-

Below are the best and free receipt and invoice generators available online. Go through them and pick your favorite one.

Fake Receipt :-

This site will generate the receipt instantly based on your requirements. You can edit all the lines of the receipt and make it on your own. After filling up all the details you just need to click on generate receipt and the receipt image will be created on the same page. To download that receipt just click on the image and your receipt will be saved on your hard disk.

As the name suggests, it’s fake receipt and don’t take that and claim for a refund ?. It’s a simple site and easy to navigate.

Free Invoice Generator :-

Receipts and invoices are two different things. Receipts are used as a proof of purchase or sale but invoices are created to request payment from clients. I usually create invoice in this site to get my payments from the clients. This is also a very simple tool and you can customize it based on your needs. It also has an additional feature to add your brand or network logo to invoice.

All of the above, it’s free to use and absolutely no need to download any software or plugin.

Custom Receipt Maker :-

This is also one of the best alternative for fake receipt generator and it’s pretty simple to use. If you are in a hurry then this site is recommended as they have less columns to type. Custom receipt makers doesn’t need any registration (or) membership.

I usually opt for this when I need to make a fast receipt. Receipt making in this site will usually completes in a minute.

Express Expense :-

This is one of the best tool if you can invest in some money. It’s subscription is superb and you will have access to many templates to choose. It’s highly customizable and you can print a receipt based on your needs such as taxi receipt, online payment receipt and many other. If you are looking to implement the receipt in your business then this is the best option for you.

I really love their receipt designs and options to customize it. You can also create a receipt with a map on it.

Fast Due :-

This network looks pretty interesting and they are more involved in making invoices. At the end of the details submission it will directly gives you the option to print. It’s really a time saver as we don’t need to download any receipt to our local disk. The main disadvantage of this network is they won’t receiptsciepts all they do is making invoices.

It’s your wish completely to either choose this or skip it. Depending upon your needs, you can choose whatever you want.


we have added the best online receipt makers based on people’s opinions and rankings. If you have found any other receipt maker much useful than these then kindly do drop the comment below and we will be glad to add it to the list. You can also let us know if any of the above listed product is not working properly and we will remove it ASAP. Thanks for being a valuable reader to our blog and do drop your mail address in the side bar below to get all latest updates directly to your mailbox for free. Have a good day. Cheers 🙂

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