Encryption or No Encryption– This WhatsApp Spy Will Reveal All

No one will like to get spied on their personal messages but, people are very interested on spying others. Most of the time our family members, enemies (or) friends will spy on us in order to get some sensitive information of us. If you are looking to spy on any other person from your family or neighbours, then we will suggest you an application which works like a charm and meets all your requirements. Let’s get into the app and have a look at all of their features and specialities.

Best Spying App On Whatsapp, Location And Calls

If you have been going through the news or if you’re a regular WhatsApp user you probably know that they have started encryption. It’s not just standard encryption it is next level, not WhatsApp not the parent company Facebook and not anyone outside of the people having the conversation can eavesdrop or see what messages have been texted. The scale at which this encryption has taken place is mind-boggling itself, every single word or file sent from any WhatsApp messenger anywhere in the world will be encrypted, that’s around 1 billion WhatsApp users. So anyone that thought that they could be a future WhatsApp Spy they will have a tough time.

The Workaround – Spying App

Like with everything else, there is always a weak point and there are apps and software that can exploit that and provide the complete conversations and viewing of all files that have been transferred via WhatsApp. One such app is called xnspy it is a tracking and monitoring app for Android (both rooted and non-rooted) and iOS (both jailbreak and no-jailbreak) devices. This WhatsApp spy gets installed on the smart device and picks up the messages from the chat software after they are decrypted by the chat app. So it basically waits for WhatsApp to decrypt the received messages and then relays them to the Xnspy app owner, thus bypassing the encryption problem completely. Any and all conversations that have taken place since installation will be saved, this includes providing visibility and viewing of any transferred files such as pictures and videos. One more thing, you can see the calls that have taken place through WhatsApp as well, with details such as contact name, number, date and time.

About Xnspy -Best Spying Application :-

Besides being a comprehensive WhatsApp Spy, this app is also a regular monitoring and tracking app meaning it has features that you would expect to find in such apps. We have listed some of the features that Xnspy offers and a brief description.

Best Whatsapp Spying Applications
  •  Call Records: Xnspy provides the app user with all calls logs of the target device. It also records calls both incoming and outgoing along with the location where the calls took place. The call logs include details such as contact name, number, date, and time.
  • Text Messages: The app user can view and spy text messages from various channels such as SMS, IM Chats (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc) and Email – details include Contact Name, number (if present), contact email, date and time.
  • Internet Activity and Calendar Schedule: Complete browsing history and bookmarks are also presented. Any scheduled meetings, appointments, etc. can also be viewed and read.
  • Location Tracking/History: The app provides the current location as well as the location history if the device according to the date.
  • Watchlist: The app user can set up a watchlist of words, contacts, and locations. This gives freedom to the app user and they don’t have to keep monitoring 24/7. They can set certain words which when used in any conversation through any channel trigger an alert notification that is sent to the app user via email with details such as the contact name, number, message, date, and time. The same is for the contacts, any marked contact whenever is called or calls the target device, an alert is triggered and a notification email is sent to the app user. The location tracking alert is a powerful feature allowing the app user to define certain areas – if the device enters or comes near those pre-defined areas a notification email is sent to the app owner.
  • Failsafe Feature: Two very powerful features – remote lock and remote delete; these can be used in the case of theft or loss of the device. Securing any personal or private data from being leaked out.

Apart from all these key features there are many other features which makes Xnspy app outstanding and in comparable with other apps. It’s the complete tool to track every movement and helps you to understand the person completely.

Conclusion :-

As you can tell by now that Xnspy is not just a WhatsApp spy but a very powerful tool for monitoring and tracking purposes for use by individuals for personal data security and as a partial backup, for concerned parents to monitor their kids and for business owners who wish to check on their employees. I personally love watchlist feature among all because it helps us to track people when they are in specific location instead of tracking 24/7. What’s your favourite feature in Xnspy ? Do let us know in comments section below and we are happy to take your opinions. Have a great day ahead and stay blessed.

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    Wow, this certainly doesn’t inspire confidence. I guess I won’t download WhatsApp again and stick to Threema.

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