How To Send (Or) Block A Flash SMS From iPhone

Have you ever seen a flash SMS popping up in your iPhone or Android phone? You might have seen it but you might not be aware that it’s a flash SMS. A flash SMS is the text message which will cover the entire screen and you will be given only the option to dismiss it. It is the best way to deliver your message to the user with 100 percent attention. Flash SMS has more than 98 percent of visibility whereas the normal text message has 60 percent of visibility.

Today we will be helping you on how to send a flash SMS from your android phone as well as iPhone. You can utilize this process in any way as per your wish, For example, if you want to send a romantic ‘love you sweet heart’ Message to your girlfriend, use this class0 Message or Flash SMS and she will be damn happy as the complete screen will show your ‘love you’ message. It can also be used for birthday wishes, congrats wishes and anniversary wishes too.

Steps For Sending A Flash SMS From iPhone –

There are much self-claimed working methods online but, I have tried all and came up with the one working method and it’s really easy to send out a flash SMS. There are more options if you own an android phone but, security comes with some compromises and that’s what iPhone delivers. You cannot send a flash SMS to any number from your iPhone unless your phone is jailbroken or rooted. So, we came up with an alternate working method and try it and let us know your opinions in the below comment box.

Sending Flash SMS Through Truecaller –

You must have known this network for sure as the best number tracing application, It helps you to find out the caller ID’s of unknown numbers and it’s one of the best networks with a huge database of numbers. Below are the steps to follow for sending a flash SMS from your iPhone or Android from a truecaller application. If you don’t have a true caller application, just download the app from the links below.

True Caller App for iOS – iTunes Link

True Caller App for Android – Playstore Link

  1. Install and open true caller application from the above links if you haven’t installed.
  2. Jump to contacts tab and select the contact to whom you wish to send the flash message or flash SMS.
  3. You will find a flash icon beside the contact and just tap on it. Refer the picture below for better understanding.
    sending flash sms or class 0 sms from iphone or android
    Flash Icon Is Marked In Red
  4. Now you will get a screen to add text for a flash message
  5. click on done and the message will be sent as a flash message

Note – This method works on all iPhones and Android phones as this is the feature is integrated into Truecaller application. Also, the flash icon will only be visible if both the devices have truecaller app installed.

How to Stop/Block flash SMS on your iPhone

Sending flash SMS is fun but receiving continuously from companies/agents will really irritate us. Fortunately, in iPhones we can block flash SMS in settings for some of the carriers and remaining ones has no option to block flash SMS popping on their iPhones screen. You can check using the below steps whether your carriers support blocking of flash SMS or not.

  1. Open settings and scroll down to phone
  2. Now click on phone and select ‘SIM Applications’
  3. If you can find any Flash settings here then you are lucky and turn off the flash.

Final Words On Flash SMS –

We have listed the best possible way to send a flash message without any root or jailbreak. If you have a jailbroken or rooted iPhone then do comment below and we can help you out with many other applications and sources. This is the only possible method to send out a flash SMS from iPhones and this method works with all versions of ios. We have personally tested this method on iOS10 and iOS 11.

Do let us know if it’s not working in any newer or older versions of iOS so that we will update our article accordingly and also comment down your views or opinions in the comment box below.

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