How To Build a Career in Blockchain Industry

In any financial transaction today, banks are the intermediaries and have been so over the years. Banks have proved to be the middle men for deals to happen and in exchange, they have taken a cut from such transactions for their services. The total amount of such “clipped tickets” runs into billions in terms of revenues for banks. In the recent past, two technologies have threatened this so-called grip of the banks.

Records of transactions and who owns which asset are maintained in secure ledgers called block chains. Today, block chains and crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are providing an alternative to the banking system because they are proving to be far less costly. The blockchain, in particular, has grown into the next-gen solution for a wide range of industries like healthcare, insurance, banking, entertainment, etc. The blockchain had made its appearance first because of the Bitcoin that was the first cryptocurrency to be founded on the blockchain.

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Block chain career is currently on very high demand and many people are opting for the opportunity in blockchain marketing as the future is highly profitable in this industry. Follow below steps and add your views in the comment section to help other readers.

How to build a career in Blockchain

This enthusiasm centering on the blockchain has also in turn triggered a huge demand for blockchain-oriented jobs. According to TechCrunch reports, blockchain-related employment sector is the second-fastest growing inside today’s labor market. Just like the technology that is still in a stage of infancy, the road to a blockchain career is also uncertain and innovative. This is why traditional paths are not likely to fit here.

  • A college degree may not necessarily land you a job in this career. Rather a lot of emphasis is being made on a candidate’s skills. So, if you wish to follow a blockchain career your educational background is not likely to conform to the traditional educational background for technical entrepreneurs. This industry mainly needs people that are developing their skills continuously, and who are updated with all advancements in every industry. Signing up for a regular university course or attending a seminar may not be the way forward.
  • You must understand the unique value proposition of the blockchain before you educate yourself with it. This means understanding terms like dApps, smart contracts, and decentralization.
  • You will need to know JavaScript for Solidity, the language for building smart contracts, and web development. These skills aid a blockchain education and equip learners who can now freelance as designers to master the remaining blockchain-related skills. While formal education can help, it is not mandatory for developers to go through university courses.
  • To build a blockchain career you have to know Bitcoin trading and how cryptography can help. Blockchain is known for being the key to protecting and securing crypto assets and for this it depends on cryptography. If you are unable to use cryptography you cannot serve companies which are depending on it for their data security. Today, you can get high-level training in this from reputed and affordable platforms online. Automated bitcoin trading bots are the recent invention of the blockchain technology or in fact the innovation in cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin revolution is one such trading bot developed by a group of software engineers who were building a career in blockchain technology and when using such bots, the traders have to be aware of speculated news like bitcoin revolution is it a scam and be informed about the truth.
  • Students of blockchain must also understand application of distributed computing. At a time when security and reliability are the prime issues facing tech proliferation, these are the solutions.
  • Blockchain and the crypto coins that it supports are unique in that they have active communities constantly working for their growth. These projects can act like on-the-job training grounds for students interested in a blockchain career. So, you can contact reputed blockchain start-ups to offer your services. This may not be a discernible skill but it is a great chance to interact with others in this field and get insights into the industry.

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