Tips For Taking Blood Pressure And Maintaining At Home

Tips for taking blood pressure, tips for reading blood pressure and maintaining blood pressure

The common word you will use in your daily life when someone starts yelling at you is “Dude, calm down and control your BP(Blood Pressure)”. So, our topic for today is Hypertension also known as Blood pressure. There are two types of Blood pressures- High BP and low BP. Most of the people must be familiar with these names but only a few knows the reason behind these different blood pressures. I don’t want to mess you up with the same systolic and diastolic pressures which everyone explains when the hypertension topic comes into the picture. I will give you a just basic value which has to be maintained. 120/80 is the normal blood pressure value and if it goes beyond this then it’s called High Blood Pressure and if it goes below this point then it’s called low blood pressure. Pretty simple right and I won’t complicate things by explaining about all the medical terminology but, I will give you ample of tips to prevent hypertension affecting you.

How To Take Blood Pressure Accurately

Reading or taking a blood pressure is quite common nowadays and many people do it through different monitoring machines. We are giving few tips on how to take blood pressure perfect without any mistakes. There are always few mistakes involved in automatic blood pressure monitoring devices, So, we suggest you take it manually for accurate results.

Six Step Procedure To Follow

  1. Use proper stethoscope and right equipment for better results
  2. Choose the proper BP Cuff size
  3. Position the BP Cuff perfectly on the arm
  4. Inflate and deflate the BP Cuff according to the patient and readings
  5. Listen to systolic and diastolic readings
  6. Double check for more accurate results


Tips For Maintaining Blood Pressure

All these tips will help you in surviving from hypertension or high blood pressure. Below are the best tips we can recommend you based on our knowledge and you can also submit your tip in the comment box below.


People with overweight or high BMI Value tend to suffer from more diseases (or) health problems than common people. So, maintain average BMI value and take care of your diet. You can try Green tea, exercises (or) gym to trim your excess fat and maintain correct physic. Overweight also affects your Blood pressure and troubles you a lot.

No Alcohol

Alcohol contains harmful chemicals which will affect the blood pressure of our body and cause a rise in the pressure. Lesser Alcohol amount can help your body in reducing the blood pressure but, it causes a huge problem when you consume more alcohol. So, limit the alcohol content you drink and be healthy.

Regular exercises

Daily workouts are best for both body and blood pressure. If you are stretching your body, then the blood will be pumped to all your body parts quickly and doesn’t result in increasing the blood pressure. Exercise daily in the morning or evening times which will keep you fit and healthy.

Less Sodium

Sodium is the main culprit for Blood pressure. The more sodium you take, the higher will be blood pressure. If you have a lower blood pressure, then we recommend you to use more salt than usual which helps in maintaining your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then limit your sodium intake as it boosts the blood pressure.

Healthy diet

A proper diet is the main reason behind every healthy person. Proper diet doesn’t include only raw vegetables or plants. It means the proper and balanced intake of calories with minerals and vitamins. Each mineral or protein will help you in one way or other. If you have any deficiency of vitamins or proteins then your body will react to it and troubles you in the form of many disorders. You can refer to our post on typical South Indian diet with fewer calories for more information.

We recommend consuming more potassium rich foods as it does the opposite job to sodium and keeps your blood pressure stable. Fruits and green vegetables will have a good amount of potassium compared to other foods.

Vitamin C and D

Vitamin C will help in decreasing the sodium levels of your body which helps in lowering blood pressure. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and drink a glass of lemon juice when your BP levels are high.

Vitamin D is very much essential for balancing the blood pressure. Milk and cereal are rich vitamin D sources and consider consuming them regularly to prevent Blood pressure affecting you.

Daily Monitoring

We really can’t predict when our blood pressure is going high or low until it affects us badly. So, it’s recommended to have a blood pressure monitor at your home and these are widespread across all regions and you can get it from any online store or local stores.

No Stress

Stress is the sole reason behind half of the health related problems so, Stress-free life is the best way to lead a healthier life. There are many ways to manage stress and yoga is the best one among them. Practice yoga and lead a healthy life. If you are stressed, then there is a chance of high blood pressure.

VLCC Get well soon

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Benefits of program

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We have given all our best tips and programs which will help you in maintaining the blood pressure. Do let us know your suggestions or views in the comment box below and we will be hanging around to answer you. Thanks and have a good day 🙂

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