Calisthenics VS Gym Which Is Better Excercise?

This is a question often asked by fitness enthusiasts. We want to get fit but we don’t know whether to hit the gym or the bars. What’s the difference between calisthenics and gym? Well, they both have the same end result, a good physique, although the paths you take are totally different. I personally love gym more than calisthenics. I’ll tell you why. But first, lets figure out the differences between Calisthenics and Gym. It’s more appropriate as calisthenics VS Gym.

What is Calisthenics?

Google defines calisthenics as gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. Let’s break that down for simpler understanding. In calisthenics, you start out with basic types of pushups and pull-ups. As you get stronger, you do more variations of push-ups and pull-ups, different kinds of dips and abs exercises. You use your bodyweight to work out and sometimes, tires or huge ropes, etc. Basically, anything lying around that you could use for your workout. Although that doesn’t sound like much, calisthenics is extremely tough. Trust me. I’ve been there. If you still don’t believe me, watch this.

There is nothing easy in the world of calisthenics. Everyday you do it, you WILL come back home almost dead. Calisthenics gives you brute strength and muscles to show it. The more you do calisthenics, the tougher you become. It’s basically like training for the army.

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What do I do in the gym?

Well, gym has tons of equipment ranging from dumbbells and treadmills, to complex machines with insane amounts of weight. You have the whole pumped up kinda ambience and there’s mirrors all around to look at while doing your exercises. Gyms have personal trainers whom people hire for weight loss or muscle gain. Here’s a taste of what gyms are like.

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Calisthenics vs Gym

Muscle targeting

First off, Calisthenics helps you get buff, but you can’t concentrate on every muscle group separately. You train them in groups because most of the calisthenics exercises are compound exercises. But in the gym, you have tons of exercises to target every muscle group and work on them the way you want.

Who can do it?

Calisthenics is harder than the gym, initially. I say this because not everyone can start doing pushups and pull-ups on day 1. For example, if you’re really fat(no offence), you can’t just drop and do a few pushups. Gym, on the other hand, is very comfortable and easy to begin with. There are dumbbells as light a 1kg and treadmills for persons of any type of body structure, be it fat or skinny.


Almost all good gyms have personal trainers whom you can hire and have a good workout. And you can find good gyms all over the world, except in Antarctica and a few other places. No wonder penguins have flabby guts.

Final Verdict

Gym and calisthenics are both really good and should be credited equally since both demand the same dedication but if you’re anything like me, you’d go to the gym. Stop comparing calisthenics VS Gym and start working out your best choice. If you find any difficulties in choosing best workouts just drop your comments below and we will help you for sure.!!

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