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Dumbbell Chest Workout, fitness routine

Let's take a look at some chest exercises that you can do at home with just a pair of dumbbells. But before you do our dumbbell chest workout, you must have a bench or at least a table for you to lie on. Also note that this routine can be…

Top 7 Best Anti-Ageing Tips {Infographic}

No one likes growing old. The wrinkles, the tiredness, white hair; nobody wants that. Scientists around the world are working round the clock, researching to sustain our youth longer. Our ancestors used to live a lot longer than we do. As…

Top urban bodybuilding myths

A large part of the world's population subscribes to the internet and keeps up with top trends in the world but most of us are still believe on the power of gossip and rumours and popular beliefs, like any other human. Sometimes, we believe…

Calisthenics VS Gym Which Is Better Excercise?

This is a question often asked by fitness enthusiasts. We want to get fit but we don't know whether to hit the gym or the bars. What's the difference between calisthenics and gym? Well, they both have the same end result, a good physique, …

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