Choosing The Right Outfit For The Monsoon

Some people may enjoy the monsoon weather and its pleasant breeze while others prefer the summer sun. The monsoons can be hectic with rain pouring down on your clothes while you are on your way to work, school or just doing some daily activities. It is important to keep yourself warm to prevent colds and stay stylish at the same time. Here are some few tips to help you get through the monsoon weather without affecting your daily activities.

The below list consists of some tips from our so-called expert’s :p and you are free to add your best tip in the comments section below. We would love to listen to your choice of clothes for the monsoon.

Avoid jeans, heavy leggings and corduroys

Jeans may be good for the summer and winter, by they are a definite pass when it comes to the monsoon weather. When they come into contact with the rain, especially when it is heavy, they can be very uncomfortable and impossible to dry. The fabric takes up a lot of water and will take too much time to dry up. If you wear denim jackets or just normal jeans in the rain, it may take up a whole day to dry which is very inconveniencing when you are going to a class or a social event without a change of clothes. They damp state of the clothes can lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

On the whole, avoid wearing jeans, denim clothes, heavy leggings, and corduroys especially when there is a rain prediction in your weather report.

Capris pants can be more helpful

Low fitting but heavy shorts and pants are good to wear during this heavy rainy period. With these pants, you have a fewer chance of getting drenched in the sudden monsoon rains. The other advantage is that they are not body hugging and can dry up really quick. If you do not work indoors it is best to avoid such clothes as they may not keep you warm in this weather.

I personally prefer capris pants due to its lightweight and super compatibility. If you are the person with similar interest like me then you would obviously carry more capris pants for every kind of trips in monsoon

Dark colors are best for the monsoon

As you are well aware, light clothes reflect away light and therefore heat while dark colors absorb heat and keep you warm in cold seasons. The monsoon period gives you a chance to take out all the dark-colored fashions in your wardrobe and rock them. The colors do not have to be shades of black alone; you can wear navy blue, dark green, dark purple and maroon among other dark and vibrant colors.

Dark colors make it look less dirty. It’s usual that rainy season spoils our clothes and fills them with mud particles and dark colors will easily get blended into the mud whereas light colors highlight them.

Don’t forget a purse or a bag

If you do not own a vehicle, carrying a purse through the monsoon is hectic. It can get rained on, absorb water and ruin your belongings inside which may include important documents. You can fix that by buying a waterproof purse or one with multiple safety compartments.

Why is it important to carry a bag?

If it rains too much and your outfit becomes drenched your purse is your only hope. You can carry extra outfits, shoes, and an umbrella just in case the rains become too heavy. You can pack up a long cotton kurta from Stylecaret in your bag that is guaranteed to keep you warm and relaxed in the cold monsoon weather. Do not forget the extra socks for when your shoes become drenched in water.

Pick the perfect socks and shoes

Some of us do not have the freedom to wear casual shoes in the workplace, even when the monsoon weather hits. If you have no other choice than to wear closed shoes in the monsoon, then you should wear waterproof socks that will keep your feet dry when it showers. Wet feet can give you a bacteria or fungus infection in the foot which is unpleasant and smelly. You can buy waterproof socks which are thicker than normal socks and come with anti-bacterial properties.

If you are on the road and the monsoon hits, the wrong pair of shoes can make your situation worse. The rains tend to ruin most summer shoes like canvas, sandals, and wind. Unless you want to ruin most of the shoes in your wardrobe, avoid wearing leather, clogs, suede, velvet and faux leather. The best shoes for a monsoon include rubber boots or any closed rubber footwear, jelly shoes, flip flops, and crocs.

Do not forget your umbrella

Do not forget to carry your umbrella in the monsoon weather. Some people prefer basic block colored umbrellas while others see it as an opportunity to flaunt their brightly colored, vibrant and printed umbrellas. Carrying a bright colored umbrella in a place people are used to dark and gloomy ones will make you stand out in a crowd. If you do not like having fun with all your outfits, it is no problem as long as you do not forget to carry your umbrella with you. If you want something elegant that will match with your formal outfit, go for a pastel hue.

Jackets are everything

Jackets can be worn in any sort of weather depending on their material. Denim jackets may keep you warm in the monsoon weather but if they happen to come into contact with some water, it can be hard to dry off. Long Kurti jackets are perfect for this kind of weather. Kurti jackets are long and their hemline can run up to the knees.

Much like trench coats, they will keep you warm and prevent any water contact with your clothes. Leather jackets are somehow waterproof and their natural material will keep you warm in cold weather. A leather jacket will not only shield you from the rain but also keep you stylish and chic look in this kind of weather.

The fabric of your clothes matter

When the rain starts, it is almost impossible to prevent yourself from getting drenched in the water, especially when there are strong winds and you lack an umbrella. Choosing the right fabric for your clothes is important to keep you warm and dry while you are traveling through this kind of weather.

Cotton is a good material to wear in the monsoon. It keeps you warm and in case the rain pours on your clothes it will dry up fast. You do not need to worry about bacterial and fungal infections when you have this kind of clothes. Polyester clothes are chic stylish and will keep you warm during the bad weather. Not to mention its ability to dry up fast.

Conclusion –

We have jotted the points based on our knowledge and online available resources. Some of these points may not be applicable in some places due to their weather conditions. Kindly do let us know your valuable opinions in the comments section below and we will be hanging around to go through them.

Have a great day ahead and our team wishes you a happy new year.

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