Completely Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name

Completely and totally free reverse phone lookup with name and details

Sometimes we leave our phones unattended and if we get a call from an unknown number then we have to either call them back or ignore. Most of the times, I will call back to them and realize that it’s some companies number which are ready to offer some loans to me. It’s better if we have a service which displays the name of the number such that we can decide whether to call back or not and that’s the reason look up services came into the picture. Nowadays, there are many reverse phone lookup services with name available online for free but, only few are genuine and provides correct information. Today we will be writing on best free reverse phone lookup services which will help you to find unidentified number easily.

How To Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services ?

Here are the few steps on how to use phone lookup services. Just follow these steps and you can easily trace the name and details of the unknown number.

  1. Step1- open the website from the below list of websites
  2. Step2 – enter the number you want to search and some of the sites are dedicated to few countries only. So, if one is not working then select another one.
  3. Step3 – click on search and the details of the number will be displayed immediately.
  4. Step4 – Now decide whether to give call back or ignore it.

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services With Name

There are many phone number lookup services available online but, here are the best ones and all are free to use. More over, we don’t need to register in any site to check the owner of the number.

  1.  white pages
  2. True caller
  3. Spokeo
  4. Phone reverse lookup
  5. Intellect

Here we will be explaining each one of the networks in detail. Just go through the description for more details on these networks.

  1. White pages 

    White pages is one of the largest portal of phone number database but, they are limited to few countries only. For example, if you are checking a number from india then you won’t find it in their site but you will find most of the numbers from different countries. This is the worlds largest phone number database which works without charging any penny. More over, you can also get more information from their site apart from name. If you are looking up on a number from india then we will recommend you to go with Truecaller reverse phone lookup service.

  2. Truecaller 

    Indian people must have surely heard this name because it’s pretty famous in india for detecting caller IDs of unknown numbers. They had also huge list of numbers apart from india too. More over, their network is compatible with almost all devices and their application (iOS and Android) made it very easy to track unknown callers. I am using this application in my phone and it’s user interface is pretty simple.

  3. Spokeo

    This reverse phone number lookup is very easy in use, you just need to put the 10-digit phone number into the special line and press “Search”. There are 12 billion public records at the disposal of Spokeo, this will help to find the most recent phone number owner. With this software you are able to find the location, social networks, email addresses and even criminal records of number owner.

  4. Phone reverse lookup

    This is completely dedicated reverse phone lookup with name. In this network, we will be having the search box after we landed in their site. Just input the number your want to search and hit the search button then, the complete details regarding that number will be displayed on the screen. This reverse phone lookup network has huge list of numbers from different countries. It’s just a one step process to get all the details easily.

  5. Intelius 

    This is a completely different site compared to other reverse phone lookup services. They have a huge database of names, numbers and many other details. You can also search a person by name and get all details of the person including phone number. The only downside of this network is to pay small subscription fee to get more details of the search but, this network will search deep into all databases and gives you the best results. They will also have many other reverse lookups other than name and phone number.


Tracking an unknown number is always useful and these applications won’t track any kind of location like phone trackers. They just let you know the caller name registered with the number you are tracking. Don’t believe these blindly and sometimes it may be wrong too. I have personally checked few of my friends numbers and most of them are correct only but there are few wrong displays too. Search in all networks if you are very much interested in reverse phone lookup.

Do drop your mail address in the subscription box below to get all latest updates directly to your mailbox for free. Have a good day and cheers.

  1. Dennis says

    Awesome post and very much helpful for people like me who are searching for reverse phone lookup networks and for me second network worked fine. Thanks a lot surya and keep writing ?

    1. Suryateja says

      Thanks dennis and we are glad that you liked our post and we will keep on writing such an awesome stuff which will help our users.

  2. Aubrey Rose says

    Thanks Suryateja !!! I’d been searching for several hours with limited, restricted or run-around. Clearly your approach, simply and directional answers the who,what,when, or how etc. The disseminate information servers to impart knowledge that directly empowers others . When you love what. You do it’s a great honour to die impart. I love teaching health care. ?my phone has been hacked twice in a year. I believe my BF has something to do with it.How can i track and reveal info to who or how? Thanks

    1. Suryateja says

      Hi Aubrey Rose,

      I am glad that my article helped you. Thanks for your kind words and I love to provide information to my users. It’s very pathetic that your phone got hacked and nothing to worry about and I can help you with this problem. What’s your phone ?? Is it android or iOS?

      If Android, then remove all the unnecessary apps and turn off all privileges to apps. If you ae not aware of this then do reboot your phone once after taking the backup. The only possible to hack an android phone by installing or setting up the virus on your phone.

      If it’s iPhone, then there are very fewer ways to hack your phone. He must have turned on family sharing on your phone which will let him know your location and other details without any notifications to you.

      Do let me know more details and I can help you out easily. Uninstall all unwanted and unauthorized apps from your phone. Thanks for your comment and hope it helps you.

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