Corona Virus In India – Analysis & Recovery

Post corona virus analysis in india 2020
Written by Suryateja

First of all, I appreciate the efforts of the Indian government in controlling the pandemic corona COVID-19 virus but there are many uncontrollable people out in India who won’t obey the government orders. Indian government and pharmaceutical institutions are working very hard on finding out the antidote for the corona virus and with the help of our great scientists, if we were able to get the vaccine then what will happen next to India post recovery is described below.

Let’s get into the main points and please find below most important questions and answers from the experts of the industry.

How china is dealing with COVID-19 ?

China being the highest populated country in the world is able to control the corona virus and the Chinese government has stated that the lock down will be lifted in china from April 07th which is amazing on the Chinese government part but if we look deep down to April end, by the time china recovers rest of the world will be still under the influence of corona and every major city will be under lock down.

By the end of April, china will resume all of its production activities and works whereas the whole world will be fighting against the corona COVID-19 which helps china to attract all the companies to start their production in China. In addition to this, they might increase the taxes to get back to their phenominal economic growth.

Below is the video of how china sanitized the whole city


What china followed during this pandemic –

  1. Implemented a strict lock down across all the cities
  2. Sanitized all the affected cities twice per day using drones, heavy vehicles and Sanitary vehicles
  3. No contact was made between two neighbors or persons and all the government services are delivered through drones without any contact.

All these above mentioned rules helped china to recover fast from this virus and many other countries are trying to adapt these preventive measures.

What Might Happen to India?

India being a vast country with huge population next to china, it is very difficult on indian government to control this pandemic and indian people don’t take any government orders seriously due to multiple constraints such as political parties, religions and sheer negligence.

If this virus spreads over india with the current pace, within next two weeks india will be in a very critical situation and even the hospital accomodations won’t be sufficient to treat mild corona symptoms.

How indian government planning to get rid of Pandemic ?

Indian government is planning to implement a complete lock down for 21 days all over the india which will be the only solution which can prevent the current situation now. People has to obey the government orders irrespective of political parties to come out of thi critical situation.

WHO announced that every infected person will infect an average of 100 people within a week to 10 days time and it should not be ignored also, as per WHO statistics it took 67 days to reach 1 Lakh victims whereas next 1 Lakh got affected within 13 days and the next 1 Lakh in just 4 days. If it continues further, then in the next 10 days more than 5 Million people gets infected.

What Indian Citizens Has To Follow –

Everyone has to follow the orders of government and stay at home by preventing unnecessary outside visits. I request everyone to stay at home and workout at home for the next 21 days and be in self isolation avoiding any physical contact with neighbours. 

What Happens to India After Recovery?

India being a huge nation will obviously face huge economic drop and getting back to normal will take around 5 months to 2 years. As an immediate action, Indian IT industry mostly see recession coming in the late 2020. So, Indian employees has to be prepared for that recession and economic slowdown for which the current government will be blamed obviously.

What about stock market, will it jump back ?

Stock market has seen a huge fall down and in 2008, we have seen this type of crash due to bad loans which was followed by recession of 3 years. Current indian stock market can’t be able to jump it back to the early stage as many vital conditions were changed as per stock experts. Even for stock market, it might take around 3 to 30 months to completely recover from the crash. Also, 2008 market crash was happened when the stocks are at high level whereas the current crash happened when the stocks are around 50 percent of their maximum worth which is pulling all the investors back.

At the end, wherever you are just follow the local government rules and central government rules. Stay safe and maintain social distancing. Also maintain good health and improve your immunity by utilizing the quarantine period.

Do drop your comments in the below comments section and also let us know how self isolatin period changed you.

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