8 Tips to cure lip infection and lip swelling naturally

What is a lip infection?

Lip infections are usually in the form of sores or any similar anomalies and form inside the mouth. They are very painful and adversely affect our diet. There are multiple reasons behind lip infections, the most significant being stress, weak immunity system and nutrient deficiency. The most common forms of lip infections are mouth ulcers which are also called canker sores (aphthous stomatitis).


Causes of Lip infections

Lip infections have multiple causes which can all and treated with universal remedies to cure the infection easily.

  • Stress can be a major factor in causing a mouth ulcer
  • Deficiency of iron, folic acid or Vitamin B12 can cause lip infections
  • Extreme cold could also cause lip infections
  • They could also pop up as an allergic reaction to food or chemicals
  • Fungal infections are one plausible cause


Symptoms of Lip Infections

All lip infections have common symptoms.

  • The lip swells up. This swelling can be inside the lips in particular spots or can even cover the whole upper or lower lip.
  • Massive discomfort and pain


Cures for Lip infections and Lip swelling

1. Avoid anything spicy

Consumption of spicy food burns the skin and can aggravate the infected area.

lip infection, lip swelling
spicy foods, lip infection, lip swelling


2. Gargle salt water

Salt is an excellent disinfectant and when gargled with water, can reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain. Gargle salt water multiple times every day till the infection disappears totally.

lip infection, lip swelling
salt water, lip infection, lip swelling


3. Consume Iron rich foods

Since lip infection is caused by deficiency of nutrients in most cases, consumption of Iron rich foods is highly recommended to make up for the deficiency and in the process, suppress the swelling.

lip infection, lip swelling
iron rich foods, lip infection, lip swelling

4. Consume Vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C is good for the skin and the lips and has citrus acid which fights the infection and shrinks the swelling. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are highly recommended for a speedy recovery.

lip infection, lip swelling
Vitamin C rich foods, lip infection, lip swelling


5. Avoid medication

Most people pop a pill or two soon as they see signs of a lip infection. That is highly unnecessary. If you rely on medication every time you get a lip infection, you’re not giving your immunity system a chance to learn to overcome it naturally. Avoiding pills and using a more natural approach and some time is enough for the body’s immunity system to isolate and suppress the infection and it reinforces itself to prevent it from growing next time, as much as possible.

lip infection, lip swelling
Medication, lip infection, lip swelling


6. Use Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in lactose and is known for being a great anti-septic. It also eases the pain caused by the infection.

lip infection, lip swelling
Yogurt, lip infection, lip swelling


7. Drink more fluids

Since you won’t be able to eat much with a swelling in your mouth, drinking more fluids will compensate for the deficit in calorie intake, to a certain extent. But do not drink hot beverages as the heat can aggravate the infection and cause it to spread or grow. Drinking fluids can also flush the toxins out of your system and soothe to pain from the swelling to a certain extent.

lip infection, lip swelling
Fluids, lip infection, lip swelling


8. Use Turmeric

Turmeric has insane healing properties and is even used for lightening skin. Although it burns pretty badly when applied on the infected area, it cures the infection pretty fast.

lip infection, lip swelling
Turmeric Paste, lip infection, lip swelling



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