Depressed ? Read My Story And Say That Again

Depression is the only evil which can harm you from inside. This sounds crazy but believe me depression and guilt can spoil your life. You might be wondering how can I give such a typical statement with ease because I have experienced it and still experiencing the same. I am not depressed because I failed in some exams or my father didn’t get me the latest iPhone. I am depressed because I lost someone I love because of my mistake and this incident qualifies me to teach or help some people who are going through the worst like me. Just imagine my situation and if you still feel that your reason is worth depressing. Read the complete story and I am writing everything here so that my story can enlighten few life facts to someone and it might help some people who are deeply depressed.

I had everything in life. Money, cars, luxury, and greater goals. Suddenly one day because of my mistake my whole life turned down and shattered into pieces. I know that I have made a mistake but I can’t undo the things happened. It’s the acceptance of what had happened will make you feel a little good but it’s not easy to do that. I kept on blaming myself for months and even while writing this I am feeling bad that it shouldn’t have happened.

Is Life Fair For Everyone?

Life is not fair for everyone. When you think you are having a good life then the worst happens to you. Everyone in this world survives with plenty of problems and we have to survive until our last breath.

Have you ever thought that your survival can help hundreds of people?

Yes, the actions you do today directly or indirectly affect many peoples life’s and it’s out of your control. You just keep on surviving and do the good things so that somebody at some place will get benefitted by you. When you look at the bigger picture then you will understand how your actions affect other people. If you believe in god, feel that he is above us and moving the cards to make everything happen. If you don’t believe God then believe in some superpower which rotates our planet earth without hurting anyone. There is some power which everyone has to believe it and that power drives everything.

Have you ever thought that the earth is billion years old and you born just some years before? It’s your turn on earth and enjoy it to the fullest and don’t get depressed. You are visualizing the magic of Messi, tunes of Beyonce and steps of Michael Jackson whereas previous generations or future generations won’t be able to see it. Feel fortunate that you are born in some legends era and enjoy their magic.

Death is the final step for everyone and whoever comes to planet earth has to die one day. Before taking your last breath help someone live on this planet earth and die with the peace in you. Bill Gates once said that I have a lot of money but I am still searching for the peace of my soul. On the other side, saints like Radha Somayaji told that I am thousand percent happy as I am still helping many people to eat, live and survive. Mark my words, nothing can surpass the happiness of helping other people. If you don’t believe my words, go out and help someone. Before going to sleep you feel the happiness of your soul.

Now tell me why are you depressed with your actions which have already happened or someone actions which is hurting you. I don’t say that they will heal immediately but let them heal and give some time to your depression. Whatever it is, time heals and let the reason for your depression become the strength in you. There is nothing a human being can achieve and our basic differentiation between good and bad separates us all other living species and keeps us on top of the list.

Everyone will have problems and those problems shouldn’t define your life. Don’t let the situation change your brain because once the situation changes you can’t undo what has happened already. So, Be calm and think of everything. There are many people dependent on your life directly/ indirectly. If you haven’t done anything good till now don’t worry one day you will do it but make sure you will live till that day and enjoy your life.

Life gives you many chances to grow or learn but just give a chance to your life so that it teaches you what life is.

Why suicide is not an option?

In the process of coming out of the grieving period I have seen much news of suicides across the world and wondered that people are committing suicides for very small reasons like the failure in exams, breakup’s and they think that ending life is an easy way to get out of that pain. You can come out of the pain in just 13 seconds. yes, hanging yourself can take away your life in just 13 seconds but your family and friends grieve for their life and every day they feel guilty for not saving you. Please do understand that you are here for a purpose and you need to wait for your purpose to come to you. I am one of the victims who feel bad every day, every night and even in every happy moment that she was not there at that moment.

I don’t want to motivate you but just trying to understand what life means and everyone is going through some phases like yours. If suicide is the only option then the world will be only with the dead bodies. Believe me, you don’t feel the same suicidal feelings or depressed feelings tomorrow so just give some time and try to understand more people life’s and everyone is going through some sort of unhappiness but they are dealing every situation with courage. Be courageous and do whatever you can do and leave the rest to supernatural power.

If you are still feeling something bad then kindly do reach out to me using the contact form or comments section so that I can help you a bit more by explaining what my life is after losing my loved one because of my own mistakes. I can’t undo anything that has already happened and what I can do now is live the life what she wanted me to and get the most of my life.

Once again I would like to highlight this statement. Everyone is here for a purpose and do wait for the time to complete the will of the superpower.

Stay strong and stay blessed.

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