Download HD videos From YouTube For Free – No Tools

Download youtube videos for free online without any software or tools

Many people use tools to download the videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Using tools can cause security problems like installing extra plugins or software without your notice. Indirectly it puts the spam and virus in your PC/laptop. So, we suggest you utilize the online available tools and get the most of it. Who doesn’t like instant downloads but there is no such process as instant without downloading or using any tools or extensions. So, our team has dug out a lot and done extensive research on how to download 720p/1080p YouTube videos for free without using any extensions. onlineyoutubedownloader and savefrom don’t allow you to download the HD quality videos for free without using any extension or application.

If you are aware of any other easy workaround other than the below-mentioned process then do let us know the method through the comments section and we will add up the method to this article which helps our readers.

So let’s cut out the crap and move into the main section which you are waiting for and the reason you landed here. Hope I got your nerve correct and read your mind correct.

Steps To Download Youtube Videos Online Free

As usual, the first step falls in selecting the video which you want to download and hope you already had one before visiting our site. If not, just pick out any of the links from your favorite videos.

Now the next step is to convert the video into your desired format and download it to your PC/computer. Follow below steps and download your favorite video of HD quality for free.

Open the below link and paste the YouTube URL which you copied in the first step. Remember that this is the online video converter tool which helps you in converting the video online for free.

Click Here For The Download Link

youtube convertor 1080P/HD download

This takes a little bit time and be patient and grab some snacks in the meantime as the video has to be processed for 720P quality or higher. You can have more options by clicking on more settings tab right below the format option and there you can choose your video quality too. By default, it will have all the available options which were available on YouTube. Check below screenshot for more details.

download HD videos for free

After selecting the desired quality, it will take some time to process the video and the processing time completely depends on your selected video quality. HD videos greater than 720p usually takes more time around 3-5 mins. Once the process is done, it will give you an option to download the video and you can download the high-quality video for free without any tools or payments.

Do remember that as of today, there are no payments or installs required and if you see any of the pop-ups for payment or installation then they might be advertisements and kindly ignore them.

If you are not able to download the videos or unable to understand any of the above-mentioned steps then do reach out to us using the comments section below and we will be hanging around to help you out.

Conclusion –

We have tested this method from our side and it’s completely working fine to download any of the HD quality videos from youtube for free without using any software or tools. We suggest you follow the hassle-free approach instead of downloading some unwanted software or extensions which might put your privacy at risk.

Feel free to drop your comments below and write down your email address in the below subscription box to get all latest updates and tips from our blog directly to your mailbox for free.

Have a great year ahead and wish you all a happy new year.

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