Fake Number For Whatsapp, Gmail And Paytm {2020}

Whatsapp has been an integral part of our lives. We use it for daily purposes and there is always a lot of fun in WhatsApp. To add more fun to WhatsApp texting, we are adding a trick to prank your friend with the fake number in WhatsApp. You can pretend to be like his crush or lover father. It’s up to you and we are adding few ways to make it more fun. All the below networks which we are mentioning today will help you to get a new WhatsApp account with a fake number and you can use it in any way as per your wish.

How To Create Fake WhatsApp Account

Just enter into any of the below networks and choose a number.

  1. Open WhatsApp and log out from your number and log in with the number you have chosen from the networks below.
  2. Now click on read SMS option in that network and the OTP will be displayed below. There is also an option to get OTP on call and it also works.
  3. Once you verify the OTP, you are logged into WhatsApp with a fake number and use it as per your wish.

Note – WhatsApp, Gmail or Paytm might have blocked few numbers as there are many accounts created with the same number so if one number is not working then try another one.

Best networks to get fake number for WhatsApp

Below is the list of networks which will help us in creating a fake WhatsApp account. We have also listed few applications which will do the same work as networks. First of all, try with networks and if they don’t work then proceed to applications as they have less user base compared to online networks. If you are unable to access any of the below sites then, try any VPN to bypass restrictions and with these VPN’s you can even bypass school wifi restrictions. If you are not aware of any VPN, then do drop your comment below and subscribe to our blog and I will send you the cracked VPN version to your mail address.

Receive SMS Online :-

This is a free network which will help you in receiving text messages and verifying OTP. You can pick any number from the wide range of available numbers. in addition to this, they also support almost all countries and you can get a fake account with country specific numbers too. These numbers will help you to create a fake Gmail account, paytm account or WhatsApp account. Use them wisely and have fun.

Once you pick the number, you can read the SMS by clicking on the number and then read SMS option.

Visit Receive SMS Online

Free Online Phone

This network also allows you to get the instant OTP notifications and provides us with a huge list of numbers from many countries. There is no need for any registration or any details. Once after picking a number, you can read the SMS which they have sent you on the website itself. Pretty simple process right and some servers might block few numbers so if any number is not receiving the SMS then try with another number

Visit Free Online Phone

Receive SMS

This also works similar to the above networks only and all options are similar. You can follow the same process with this one also. Moreover, this network has the wide range of networks and countries. It supports more than 30 countries and they are still expanding their network to many other countries.

Visit Receive SMS Online

Text Now :-

This is also a free network to get instant OTP verifications with different countries compatibility. The functioning of this network is similar but, it needs the user to be registered to make sure that they keep track of all user records and they also have a membership plan with minimal pricing which can get you unlimited numbers from any country with unlimited OTP’s. If none of the above networks work then try this network. They won’t track any of your activities but they will jut keep them for records and nothing to worry about that.

Visit Text Now

Best Applications For Creating Fake Whatsapp Account

we are also adding few applications which make our work pretty easier. I suggest you to try applications for creating a legitimate account, I mean like the account which you use or sell and these numbers are less crowded as they are limited to their users only.


This application works exactly as they stated and helps in creating fake accounts with fake numbers. You can download this application from play store and make use of it. Here is the play store link to download  primo app for free


Talk2 is an app which will help us to create fake WhatsApp accounts, fake email accounts or any other accounts. Fake number generator is just one of its option and there is much more fun integrated into this application. Download Talk2 App for free from play store.

Conclusion –

we have tested all these networks and are working fine at the time of writing this post and they may discontinue their service also. So, try all networks and one will work for you sure. Moreover, there is no registration process involved also o, no need to worry about your identity. If you have any better network idea in your mind then do let us know through the comments section below and we will be hanging around to answer your queries.

Do drop your mail address in the below subscription box to get all latest updates from our blog directly to your inbox for free. Have a great day ahead and cheers 🙂

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