Methods To Get Free Netflix Forever

How to get free netflix forever without fees ,How to get netflix for free forever- Read below to know how

Netflix is the most popular on demand streaming service with huge collection of series, movies and documentaries. It’s the best source to jump into to pass the time and getting a free Netflix account forever is really a boon for many of us. If we can get the hands on any free Netflix account forever then we can start watching all the latest seasons, series and movies free. So, today we will be helping you out with the methods which will help you to get the free Netflix account without paying any fees.

Sounds awesome ? Let’s get into the content quickly without wasting your valuable time and also we request you to comment down your favorite method or any other alternate working method which will help to get your hands on the Netflix account without any cost. This helps our readers to try that method.

Methods To Get Free Netflix Account Forever

Below are the working methods to get free Netflix subscription for the life long without paying a single penny.

Method – 1 (Free Netflix Trail Usage) 

This is the most common and safest method. This method is also approved by Netflix team so that you won’t be facing any account ban for sure. Basically, we are using the trail option provided by Netflix team for 30 days and cancelling the subscription.

What you will need for this –

  • Fresh Gmail account which was not used before for Netflix
  • Credit card which was not used for Netflix subscription.

How To Get Free Netflix Account –

  • Create the fresh Gmail account and signup on Netflix platform using that.
  • Once you are done with sign up process, choose the trail for your country
  • Once you choose trail, it asks for the credit card information
  • Provide the details and no money will be deducted
  • You will be provided with free one month or 30 days subscription for free
  • After 30 days, you will be charged from your credit card. So, cancel the subscription before the 30th

That’s it, No money paid for Netflix official subscription for one month. We highly suggest you to cancel the subscription at 28 days to be on safe side. You can follow the above mentioned process for as many months you want until your credit cards list completes. If you want to upgrade this free Netflix offer for the life long or forever then follow the process of using virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit cards can be generated by many networks and you can us them for Netflix subscription too. So, head to the virtual credit card generators and generate one every month and use it for one month free trail subscription.

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By using the above method, you can get free Netflix account forever without any issues just by changing the email addresses every time.

Method – 2 (Hacked Netflix Application)

Using cracked applications from Black market will also work, as they will be hard coding the Netflix credentials on their application. This will be applicable only for Android users as iOS doesn’t allow the unsupported applications to be installed by third party developers.

This method usually works for few days and the hard account will be blacklisted by Netflix team and the application stops working until they add new account in their database. Sometimes you might free account using this application for months and sometimes only for few days.

You can try this method when you are looking out to watch one particular movie or episodes which can be completed in less time.

Method – 3 (Sharing Friend’s Credentials)

Ask your friend for Netflix credentials and use them forever. Most of the Netflix users don’t look for the connected users until they face error messages due to high number of users. So, use their account moderately and complete your episodes during their off times or nightly hours.

If you would like to share some part of subscription plan then you can plan for multi screen subscription and divide the money based on the number of users. It works completely awesome and best legal method to have Netflix subscription with less cost.

Method – 4 (Mobile Operator’s Offer)

Mobile operators such as Verizon, AT&T are linked with Netflix service and you can pick the linked network to get free Netflix forever until you keep using the linked network. Few networks charge very less for multiple screens and some networks offer Netflix subscription as complimentary with their connection.

This is the best option to go if your network provider is providing free 1 year or life time subscription without any additional charges.

Method – 5 (Public Sharing Accounts)

There are few online sites which keeps on posting the User name’s and passwords on their website for free. You can google free Netflix accounts so that you will find few blogs which will be updated on monthly basis. The main problem with this type of accounts are someone will change the password when they get into the Netflix. Greedy people right.

You can try for any of the above mentioned methods and keep us updated through the comments section below on which one worked best for you. We will be hanging around to answer your questions and have a great day.

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