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Everyone wants to spy others activities for fun but, sometimes it’s a safety purpose to spy on your kids and family members. Spying is a mistake only when you are doing with a bad intentions and it’s better to spy on your kid’s activities in order to keep them away from unlawful activities. As a parent, everyone wants their kid to be safe and secured. It won’t be good for you, if your son/ daughter gets booked for some illegal activity. So, today we want to help you with a great tool which will allow you to spy on your kids, family or anyone with a free phone tracker. This tool comes with awesome features along with a good price tag.

Hoverwatch is the online tool which lets you monitor your kid’s day to day activities (or) your employee’s activities as per your needs. Hoverwatch developers has made it easy for us to spy on others with a single install of their file. They have added many special features including the access to browser history and facebook messages.

Why Hoverwatch ?

You might get this doubt while you are reading our review. We highly suggest this phone tracker not because of their price but, it’s their features with a simple interface makes us to go for this. There are many spying tools like whatsapp spying, Facebook spying and call recorders but, this tool is pretty impressive compared to them. We have been using this tool from past 2 months and the results are just amazing.

Special Features Of Hoverwatch- Free Online Phone Tracking :-

There are many special features of hoverwatch which makes you to say WOW. Once, you get your hands on this tool you will simply start loving it. Here are the list of best features which makes hoverwatch- free phone tracker outstanding in the market.

Tracking Phone Location: – This is a commonly known feature for all spying tools but, here is the catch for hoverwatch. It can track the location of user even if the Wi-Fi and GPS are turned off. It’s an amazing feature and it will display the location on the map which will help us to navigate to user’s location quickly.

Recording And Tracking Calls: – You can record all calls of the user with a time and date stamp on it. You can even check the location of the user when he has received the call. This tool will differentiate all the calls with an incoming or outgoing call.

Tracking SMS and MMS: – Most of the secured information will pass through messages. Using this tool, you can read, track and check all SMS and MMS that the user has received and sent from his phone.

Reading WhatsApp & Facebook Messages: –WhatsApp and Facebook has gained huge popularity over the past 5 years and everyone is using these two applications now a days. Hoverwatch will also let you read all the Facebook and WhatsApp messages of the user. One additional feature here is,we can also read the WhatsApp messages and whatsapp group messages even if they are deleted by the user.

SIM Card Change Detection: – This will be the much useful feature when your phone is stolen. If the user changes the sim card then the hoverwatch tool will automatically detects it and notifies the owner regarding the change of sim. This tool also capture the photos using the front facing cameras and sends it to the owner.

Accessing Browsed History: – If you are a parent and much worried about your kid’s browsing activities then this tool will help you for sure. It lets you to track the complete browsing history of the user with the time and date stamp. It also tracks the browser history even if the user is using google chrome or any other browser.

Capturing Photos Using Front Camera: – If you want to know who is using the device at that moment then you can take a picture of the device user using a front camera. All you need is just an internet connection where you need to login and capture the photo.

Apart from these special features, there are many common features like call tracking, phone tracking, looking into contacts list, watching to do lists and stealth mode. This tool is on the top mark when compared to others because of the adaptability across different platforms. It can be used in MAC OS, windows and android phone.

Conclusion :-

Our team has personally tested this tool and happy with the outcome. We highly recommend this free phone tracker if you are looking for the best spying software with a mid-price range along with many premium features. Kindly do let us know your views (or) doubts through the comment section below and we would love to assist you. Drop your mail address in the below subscription box or side bar to get all latest updates of our blog directly to your mailbox for free. Stay tuned for latest updates from our team and have a great day ahead. Cheers 🙂

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