How Can I Choose A Niche For My Freelance Writing Career?

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Freelancing was a part time job or time pass job but, now the whole scenario got changed and it even turned out to a completely full-time job for many people. So, today I just want to share few freelancing tips for all people which will help you in making more profits. First and foremost thing you have to understand is money won’t flow to your pocket right after you start your freelance writing career unless you showcase your skills to the client.

Swimming in your own waters – Choose your comfortable niche as you have to work hard on that and here we will be helping you with tips on choosing a Freelance Writing Niche

Choosing your desired niche in freelance writing is one of the success pillars of excelling as an academic, article, or fictional writer. The reason is writing is wide, hence defining and confining yourself to an area or a few areas of specialty allows you to swim in familiar waters. It is like confining tilapia to its native freshwater environment. This post will show how you can choose a niche to help you to excel in freelance writing jobs online.

Freelancing Writing Niche Pricings

Unless you are a voluntary freelance writer, this question should top your list. Before settling for a particular niche, ensure it aligns with your projected income flows. For instance, if you have a projection of $500 per month, you need to ensure that it will reward your efforts and time. If your niche can’t accommodate your financial targets, you need to change it.

My personal suggestion is not to run behind tech and entertainment niche as they are completely saturated. If you really have a great knowledge on any technology or movie then go ahead.

Your Knowledge On Freelance Writing

This factor is a vital consideration, and you need to pay attention it before proceeding to invest your efforts and time in a niche. For instance, if you are a trained medical doctor, it will be unwise to delve into electrical engineering just because it offers twice or triple the amount of money medical writing may offer you. In this case, writing about medicine will be like swimming in your own native waters. If you try going for the higher pay in engineering, it will backfire since you will struggle trying to produce quality posts.

Are You Passionate About Freelancing?

Another factor you need to consider in your choice is the level of passion you have in that niche. Even though passion may not be a mandatory consideration, it holds the key to two important things that will lead to qualitative writing. First, it will give you the motivation to research the niche you are writing about. Second, it will give you the morale you need when drafting your assignments. If this element is lacking in your researching and writing processes, you will have difficulties excelling in that niche. On the contrary, your entire researching and writing will look and feel like another drudgery and punishment you are enduring to finish and hang up.

What About The Competition?

Another area you need to take care of is the competition level in that category. The reason is that writing is a business just like any other, and you don’t hold a monopoly on anything. That is why you should consider the degree of competition in that niche to see how you can maneuver your way and grab your share of the market. If the competition in the field is higher than your ability to fight for and preserve your personal turf, you may need to choose another niche.

Is That Freelance Niche On Demand?

Lastly, you need to look at the demand of that niche. If there is no demand for the niche, you don’t need to waste your time prospecting in a category that won’t reward your efforts.

Parting shot –

Freelancing is one of the great alternatives to make more money apart from your regular job. If you are finding some time then find out the skill you are good at and start working on it. Freelancing is not an illegal one unless you are selling some company stuff or others stuff. You can also earn by designing small logos and creating infographics. If you are good at writing then make some articles for online blogs and find out your comfortable work and start working on it. It’s pretty simple, someone is interested in your work then they will pay you and you have to deliver the product else no work is needed.

There you are with tips that will help you to choose your freelance writing category. With these tips at your fingertips, you have the power to succeed in your freelance writing jobs online and career. Best of luck in your freelance writing pursuits. Hope you are happy with our freelancing writing tips and kindly do let us know your questions through the comments section below. Thanks and have a great freelancing writing career ahead. Cheers 🙂

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