Funny & Best Indian Instagram Pages To Follow 2020

Instagram gaining huge popularity is no wonder as the Instagram development team is confident in their product features. Today Instagram is ruling the social media industry just because of their frequent updates and adapting to the latest technologies without any delay. Moreover being on Instagram passes time faster than Facebook or LinkedIn and the content curation algorithm has to be appreciated for this great achievement.

Instagram came as a service when the other social media applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter are well established. Being on social media keeps you connected to all your family, friends, and colleagues. Moreover, it’s the best way to pass the time when you are bored and keeps you glued to the screen.

Many rivals such as Pinterest tried to compete with Instagram but none of them would be able to pull off the craze Instagram gained and Snapchat almost competed with Instagram but failed to attain the craze that Instagram has got. So today we will like to help you out with the crazy Instagram pages for fun content and tech knowledge and news updates.

Instagram stats are very much encouraging for any new startups as their growth has been multiplied over the years and the exponential rapid growth helped Instagram founders to get into the top list. As of today, Facebook is managing Instagram as the founders have sold Instagram platforms to the FB team. Also, Instagram has taken advantage of the TikTok ban across many countries to protest against Chinese applications and implemented their new feature called Reels to attain all TikTok users.

Instagram Funny & Knowledge Pages To Follow

Instagram is famous for sticky users and if you follow some fun, tech, and news pages then you will be getting all the latest updates across the world while browsing your Instagram. Sounds great then just jump into some of the best profiles which are curated for you. Also, we have curated the best Instagram names that aren’t taken to help you pick the Instagram user name.

You can either search for the below mentioned Instagram pages or enter the URL directly with @)

Telugu Fun Instagram pages for memes & entertainment

Below are some of the famous instagram meme pages to follow for better fun in local languages. Most telugu people follow these pages for ultime funny content.

Few pages are managed by girl admins and most of the girls connect will be connected to those pages instantly.


















Best Hindi Instagram Fun & Naughty pages

Below are the best hindi instagram pages and naughty instgram pages to follow for the double fun in hindi.









Instagram Facts pages For Amazing Facts

Below is the list of instagram facts pages to know amazing facts around the world.
























Instagram Science & Technology Pages

Science and technology are moving with fast pace day by day and below pages help you to stay updated with the latest findings and technology updates across the globe.


















Conclusion – we would love to hear out your comments for the best Instagram pages to follow in the comments section below and write down the pages you like most so that we will add those pages to the existing list which will help our users and readers.

You might be having lots of fun with some other entertainment pages and we request you to enter the best pages you follow in the comments section and if you are an admin of any funny page and want your page to be listed in our bog then contact us through the contact form or comments so that we will review and add your page to the list.

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