Genius College Hacks You are Taught in 2018

Everyone believes they are smarter than the person seated or standing next to them. However, as studies have revealed, the majority have average IQs but this is not to say that you cannot improve yours or make it better. Intelligence is not a fixed variable and it is possible for you to increase yours. While your IQ test scores can remain relatively stable with time, your IQ, however, can be improved to levels it has never been or reached before. A person’s intelligence level can be increased and every person has the capacity to reach further and achieve that which appears to elude them.

All over the world, people believe that intelligence is innate and therefore, high IQs should be left to those who were born smart. However, as most professional athletes have proven, anything can be learned. It is true that there are those who are conceived with innate abilities, but if one can decide to learn something and give their best, then they too can become great. The only issue people need to concern themselves with is how to learn the discipline, commitment, and skills to go beyond that which is considered normal or average. If you are aiming to go beyond the normal, then continue reading this article to acquire some of the genius college hacks that team at has assembled for you.

Genius College Hacks For Students

Below are the best genius college hacks you must try for college goers. Do let us know your views in the comment section below and we will be hanging around to respond your queries

1. Include frequent rests within your schedule

Resting is mandatory in life and therefore, as you study or get involved in your quest to get on top, take ample rests. Rest will help you relax and approach your tasks with a renewed mindset. Therefore, you can start by taking 30 to 1-hour naps while studying to recoup energy and to also refocus your brain.

2. Train and improve your memory

Increasing your intelligence levels does not require you to start reading books titled how to become a genius. You can improve your IQ by training and refining your memory. For example, there are games you can play to help revive or challenge yourself to remember things more easily. Training yourself on how to remember things is key to helping you improve your memory. These games can also help you learn problem-solving skills.

3. Make use of scholarly articles and journals while writing your papers and essays.

While going through college essay tips, it is possible that you come across a tip that encourages you to make use of scholarly articles from instead of looking for papers which are already written to plagiarize. Writing can become easy for you but you need to practice and make use of the scholarly articles and papers from google.

4. Be open-minded and grow your network

Your network of friends and other acquaintances can also be of great help to you. For example, having a friend in another field of study can help you learn concepts and principles which would be of help to you in your field. However, one learning tip that is often ignored and one that you must engage is having or being open-minded. Open-mindedness is a quality that can help you learn new things while also helping to increase your intelligence levels. Therefore, do not be afraid to engage people who are not outside your field or area of interest.

5. Learn to motivate yourself

It is often said that you are in a competition with yourself and once you defeat yourself, you can defeat anyone or overcome any challenge in the world. But in life, there are always days when you will not want to study or focus on what is ahead of you. However, you need to learn ways you can motivate yourself while studying. Learning how to focus on studying can be a challenge but the more you motivate and encourage yourself, the easier it becomes. You have to be your own anchor and learn to push yourself beyond the challenges that are in your path. Develop your learning skills that will improve your grades for university or college life.

6. Eat healthily

Eating healthy meals is also another point you need to consider. While looking for tips on how to learn better, you will always come across one that urges you to eat healthy foods or to just eat healthily. Some of the tips here include eating breakfast and having a light lunch. People often skip breakfast and have made this a norm. However, skipping your breakfast robs you of the energetic morning you need to have as well as making it difficult for you to concentrate on what you are doing.

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7. Reduce or avoid instances which can stress you or lead to depression

You can never achieve greatness if you are always stressed and depressed. Instances of stress and depression need to be reduced. Take walks or hikes or be with people who make you laugh and happy.

8. Take walks and hikes

Walks or hikes are always a prescribed way of relieving stress and depression. Therefore, consider taking walks and hikes as you welcome new ideas and perspectives.

9. Avoid distractions while studying

While studying, you need to avoid using your phone or even watching television. These are distracting and will prevent you from focusing on the studying. Find a room which is away and is free from noise and other tempting sources of distraction.


In conclusion, employing these tips will indeed work to your advantage. While some might seem simple, it is only after you have tried them that you will get to acknowledge their significance.

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