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Birthdays are actually memories and everyone remembers what they did on their last 5 birthdays as those are special days in a year. All of us will try to wish our special persons in a different way and few people think out of the box and impress their loved ones with awesome ideas. You can try many things on the birthday but when the clock is stuck at 12 AM, it’s damn special and everyone expects something to happen on their birthdays. So, let’s wave a hand and say bye to old-fashioned plain “happy birthday” songs and it won’t make anything special to the birthday person. Let’s try out something and start brainstorming and plan the day but don’t forget to wish at 12 AM with a happy birthday wish. So, today we will help you out in making the happy birthday wish more memorable by playing a happy birthday song with the name.

We searched the popular app stores and found a few helpful apps which will help you in wishing your loved ones with the name. Let’s jump directly into the apps section and their unique features which will help you.

Best Happy Birthday Song Name Generators

There are many kinds of happy birthday songs generators and we have tried our best to list all of them here. Let me explain to you the types of happy birthday song with name generators and the best apps for android & ios.

Happy Birthday Songs With Relation Name –

These are the apps which wish you with a relation. For example, if you want to wish your aunt on her birthday then there will be many songs with “happy birthday aunty” and you can pick one based on your interest. Hope you got my point and these apps are generic ones and can be used to wish your uncle, friends, co-workers or teachers. I recommend you to go for this if the relationship between you is not so close.

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Let’s go through few apps under this category and we have picked only the best apps in play store and App store. If you have any recommendations then do let us know through the comments section below and we would like to try them too.

For Android, we highly suggest the below app which does all the work for free and doesn’t need any payments. Moreover, this app will get frequent updates and the new addition of songs in every update.


Apple lovers Don’t worry. We have got you covered too. Apple app store has an app which does more things than the android app. In this app, you can also record your own voice for the name and make it as a song. Sounds great right. Click on below link to try it out.


Saddest part here is I am unable to find any other app in the app store under this segment while writing this article. If you found any, then let me know through the comments section below.

Happy Birthday Songs With Name –

Special persons have to be given special attention so, it’s worth to spend some time on making a song with their name. For example, you can wish your best friend Priya with a song “Happy birthday Priya” and it sounds good to them too. These are highly recommended if you are planning to wish a close relation of yours.

For Android, Here you go with the great app which reads the name you type. This is one of the best apps in the play store and you can use it for free. But, remember that free things will obviously come with many ads.


Apple lovers, I am able to find only one app in the App store and I guess Apple developers aren’t interested in these type of applications and if you are not satisfied with the app, then follow the below website and download the song with the desired name.

1HappyBirthday – Create HBD Song With Name

Running out of space ? or Not interested in installing the apps ? Here is our LTP solution for you which you can directly do it in browser itself. The below site has got tons of names in their list and if you are an indian, you will surely find the name you are looking for. I went through the site and loved it. Hope you will also share the same feeling with me.

1) Click on the link and open the site 1happybirthday
2) Type the name of the birthday boy or girl in the search box and hit search
3) You will get the name along with the similar names on the new page.
4) Click on the name and you will be redirected to the options page.
5) Here you can either download the song or play the song or email the song.
6) The easy and simple process right.

happy birthday song generators with name

Conclusion –

Hope we have provided you what you are looking for and if you aren’t satisfied then let us know through the contact form or below comment box so that we will help you out as per your requirements. Have a great day ahead and convey our happy birthday wishes to your buddy.

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