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Hexlock App Review And Features

How would you feel when someone is peeping into your personal messages or data ? It’s obvious that we get anger. Have you ever thought that locking your personal stuff or apps in your phone is awesome to prevent others looking into them. Yes, it’s a great idea and today we are providing you an android application which won’t let your enemies inside any application such as whatsapp or hike. Hexlock app review

In order to protect our photos, data from anonymous people we need an app named Hexlock which will help us to lock out everything. This application will not allow any one to enter inside your personal data without entering the lock code or pass code. So, your data is completely safe. In addition to this, this app will provide you 6 profiles and you can customize them according to your convenience.

What Is Hexlock Application ?

Hexlock is an app lock that will protect your privacy and secure your apps with up to six unique profiles to cover every situation. Set up a PIN password or a pattern lock and put your mind at ease whenever you share your mobile device. Protect your Gallery, SMS, Calls, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Kik and more with this app protector. Keep your pictures safe with Hexlock’s new Media Vault to hide photo and video files in a locked gallery vault only you can open. Hexlock is the best app locker for parental control and offers customized protection wherever you go.


In a brief, Hexlock application is the one which secures our apps with many options. It also has a new feature called Media Vault which is useful to hide photos, videos in a locked gallery.


hexlock app best features


You might find many applications in google play store for securing the data on your apps but, Hexlock is different in its working and features. They have combined two best features and integrated beautifully in their app. Hiding pics and securing apps can be done through single application now. Hexlock has the best secured systems with different profiles.


Best Features Of Hexlock Application – Review :

Here are the best features of the hexlock application and it gives complete protection to your data in a very secured manner.

✔ Lock Whatsapp, Emails and SMS. Keep your messaging safe!
✔ Secure Pictures and Videos in the Media Vault. Hide private files!
✔ Protect yourself from intruders. Lock your Games!
✔ Lock your Gallery and Photos. Keep your Privacy!
✔ Protect your Social Network apps. Secure your Kik and Facebook app!
✔ Lock your Systems. Control your own Wi-Fi, Settings, etc!


Hexlock App Review And best Features
Hexlock App Review And Features
Apart from all these amazing features, It also has got a great customer support and quick response for all queries. We are adding a play store link below for your convenience and you can download it easily from the link below.

hexlock application review


Hexlock app is the best app if you are looking for locking your personal apps. We have tried it and it’s working perfectly on our devices. The best thing of this app is private vault which helps us to hide some pics and keep them secured. Apart from all these fabulous features, they have got good looking and easily understandable interface. If you are looking for an app to secure your data from other users then this application is highly recommended.


We have tried it and tested on our devices. We are looking forward to hear your views on this application and you can let us know through the comments section below. 
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