How To Send Bulk SMS Online

send bulk SMS online for free and tutorial on how to send group SMS or bulk SMS at a time for free

Do you remember any day on which your phone didn’t beep with a message? Obviously big NO right, It won’t happen because Amazon wakes us up in the morning saying that our order is out for delivery and swiggy continues with their ongoing offers on breakfast and the list continues for all the day.

Short Message Service (SMS) has been an integral part of all our indirect communications with companies and customers. Even politicians and schools are using the SMS medium to wish their followers and students on special occasions. The usage of SMS for communication between friends decreased a lot day by day due to online messaging apps such as WhatsApp and hike but, usage of SMS by companies has been almost tripled now compared to 2015.

Every company started promoting their offers and promotions to all their users base through an SMS and today, we will help you out on how to send bulk SMS online for a very less price.

There are many networks out there on the Internet which helps you in sending the bulk SMS but very few are providing bulk SMS services at reasonable cost. If you are looking for a bulk SMS service for your new startup then you landed in the correct place. Just go through the post and we will help you out in sending bulk SMS step by step with a detailed tutorial.

We have chosen SendPulse as the best bulk SMS provider as their prices are pretty reasonable and their features are awesome. We went through many bulk SMS providers and decided to recommend SendPulse because of their high-end features and 24/7support.

If you are interested in sending flash SMS, then here is our tutorial on how to send flash SMS from iPhone.

How To Send Bulk SMS From A SendPulse Network

Sending bulk SMS online from SendPulse is pretty easy and their interface is completely user-friendly. Follow the below steps for sending an SMS from SendPulse network to your list.

1) Register an account in SendPulse network and it’s completely free.
2) Once your registration is completed, you can access their best features.
3) There will be many tabs under SendPulse service, click on SMS tab next to “Create a campaign tab”.
4) Now you will be redirected to the SMS creation page where you have to enter the name, message, and the recipient. Refer screenshot below for more details and you can also see the preview of your message.

how to send bulk sms online

5) The best feature here is you can schedule your SMS campaign to specific date and time so that the SMS will be sent in the specified time.

Once you are done with send button or schedule button, you can check the progress of your campaigns in “My Campaigns” tab on the home page of SendPulse account.

best ways to send bulk sms online

Does This Really Work?

Yes, Without testing anything we won’t put anything on this blog. We have tried few campaigns with our members and they are successfully sent within 5 mins.

I have sent a message to the list and all of them received almost at the same time. It’s really a pretty good feature for this network because, when I tried another network there is a time gap of around 5 mins.

So, stop worrying it really works and here is the screenshot from my phone and hope this cleared your doubt and if you have any other doubts kindly do let me know through the comments section below so that I will help you out.

online sending bulk sms for free

We have also tried scheduling an SMS for the list and yes it also works at blazing speed.

Best Features of SendPulse SMS network

It does the job of all bulk SMS providers and below are the few things it excels and puts everyone down on the list.

Global Support – Yes, you can send out a message to anyone around the world.

Scheduling – We can schedule our message by setting the date and time. It’s very much useful if you are sending the messages to other countries.

Easy Interface – It’s very easy interface and I felt like composing a message on my phone

Lists Creation – We can segregate our audience into lists and send the message to specific list

Reasonable Prices – Comparing to other networks, prices are pretty reasonable with great features

Conclusion – Send Bulk SMS Online

We highly recommend the SendPulse network for sending bulk SMS based on our experience and we also tried few SMS campaigns and it’s working perfectly fine. You can give a try for boosting your business through SMS marketing by just adding few dollars. It also won’t take your credit card details and debit amount based on the number of messages you sent. Our suggestion is to add few dollars and try sending to your list and you will definitely stick to this network.

This really helps you in promoting your brand to next level through SMS Marketing and if you are interested in tracking the leads of your email marketing, then we suggest you to go for Hunter mail tracker which helps you in tracking down the interested customers to make more sales.

We would love to answer your questions through the comments box below. Drop down all your questions below and we will get back to you ASAP.

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