Best Ways To Make Your MAC Performance Better

Buying a new computer is always a big decision in your life considering the wide variety of options available at different price ranges. When choosing to buy a new computer, there are many factors that needs to be evaluated. First of all, it should start with a question asking yourself why you want to buy a new computer.

Is it because your existing computer is simply so old that it takes ages to load new website pages? Or maybe you want to improve your gaming experience? Or the computer might be bought for various types of work. Your purpose defines your usage and helps you in understanding out the best available model for you. Majorly we have two choices, one is windows and the other one is Mac OS. Windows operating system is most popularly used and hence loaded with lot of junk, viruses, malwares and prone to hacking whereas Mac OS on the other side built with strong firewalls and privacy protecting in mind. As apple says, Privacy is their priority and privacy is Apple.

Be it a Mac or Windows, You should consider every aspect of the computer from operating system to MAC Performance and Windows Performance before jumping into your decision. If you have decided MAC over windows for your new computer or your existing MAC then below are some of the things you need to keep in mind for optimal performance.

Ways To Improve MAC Performance

Whatever the reason, if you choose a Mac, you cannot simply expect it to perform well for years as every computer is expected to pile up lot of cache, junk data and malwares. Your new computer will need your help to perform well for a long time. Here are some of the best ways that will ensure your Mac’s performance is as good as it can be.

Make Sure Your Mac Is Safe From Malware

There is a myth that Macs do not need proper antivirus solutions because they already have a pre-installed firewall. Surely, Macs might be safer than some other computers, but they still need to be protected, especially as the number of Mac users is constantly growing.

The main reason why Apple computers were considered so safe that they don’t even need antivirus is that fewer people were using Macs at the time, so hackers focused on Windows users due to its large user database.

If you have a suspicion that your Mac may be infected by malware because it has been lagging and underperforming lately, you can learn how to remove malware on

Check Storage Space Regularly

Keeping up to date with your Mac’s current storage situation can save you from dealing with a slow computer. Macs don’t have spacious hard drives or solid-state drives, so you need to keep an eye on your disk and make sure there is always enough free disk space. Otherwise, the computer starts underperforming.

To see how much free disk space you have left, navigate your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen, click the Apple icon, go to the About This Mac menu, open the Storage tab, and wait until the system calculates data about Mac’s storage space.

Check Activity Monitor

When you experience sudden changes in computer speed and even lagging, scan your computer for malware and viruses. If nothing comes up, you may have some apps that run in the background and use significant energy resources which affects your Mac performance.

In order to find out which apps could be causing such an effect, use the keyboard combination Command + Space to open the Spotlight search. Then, type in “Activity Monitor”.

Once you see the Activity Monitor’s menu, go to the CPU tab and check which apps are using up most of your computer’s resources. You can close them by clicking on the “x” button. 

For future reference, consider looking for similar apps to replace the ones that are constantly slowing your Mac down. The App Store has a large variety of all kinds of apps to choose from, both paid and free.

Use External Storage Devices

If, while checking the storage space on your Mac, you notice that almost none is left, but you don’t want to delete your files, you will need to look for an external storage solution. This often happens to such professionals as photographers, video editors, YouTubers, and many other creatives.

To avoid deleting your projects that are a part of your portfolio, you can invest in external storage devices which improves your MAC Performance as well. Here are some examples for storing your digital files:

  • Secure digital cards
  • Solid-state drives
  • Tape drive
  • External hard drive
  • USB

One of the biggest advantages that external storage devices bring is that you can travel all around the world, be offline, and still have access to all of your files.

Pick a Cloud Storage Service

If you are not a fan of external storage solutions, you can choose a cloud platform and store your files there. Even though you won’t be able to access your files when offline, storing your files in a cloud has its advantages as well:

  • You can access your files from multiple devices.
  • It is impossible to physically “lose” the cloud storage as it could happen with an external hard drive.
  • It is easier to share files with your family, friends, and colleagues. All you need to do is send a link, and people will download whichever files they need and whenever they want to.
  • Once you run out of storage, you don’t need to buy a new “cloud” as you would need a new hard drive or USB. You simply upgrade your plan.

You can either use iCloud, but if you often share files with others who aren’t using Apple devices, you may want to choose from such popular cloud storage platforms as DropBox, Google Drive, pCloud, OpenDrive, or Livedrive.

Cloud storage also offers end to end encryption with tons of security features in place. If you are a person with complete privacy in mind then I recommend you to go for SSD or HD instead of going for cloud to keep all your files online.

Once it’s on internet, it Can be accessed by people with exceptional skills

Mac’s are tend to perform much better way compared to the windows operating system but everything has their downsides too. Macs are slowly gaining popularity and syncing up all applications and games with windows App Store. Mac OS obviously gives you an edge to work more productive and creates an apple ecosystem around you if you have other Apple devices.


We have listed out the best possible ways to speed up the Mac performance using inbuilt features. Remember not to download unnecessary files, movies and applications as they might be holding some kind of malware. Mac’s are not designed particularly for binge watching or games and that’s where storage comes into picture. Do let us know your views in the comments section below and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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