Is Technology Good or Bad for Us?

Some people when asking themselves this question imagine an endless army of robots conquering the world. Others think of medical and scientific breakthroughs. It’s time for you to find your own answers. We have to admit that technology is ruling the world nowadays and everyone is addicted to technology. Recent studies show that by 2020 usage of technology gets tripled. Let’s dig a bit deep and find out some pros and cons that you may haven’t thought of yet.

Positive Points Of Technology

Technology not only makes us lazy but makes the things faster. We don’t need to waste our time by standing in queues and waiting for the updates. Technology is bringing everything to our pocket. For example, ISRO Launches a rocket and you will get a notification in your smartphone. There are many best positive points of technology and here are few of them.

  • You will never get bored

Whether you’re home alone, waiting in a line, or traveling by train – you will always find something to entertain yourself if you have some electronic device with you. A number of options are limitless – watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, play a game, do some work, chat with a friend, take pictures, etc.

  • There are lots of small conveniences

For example, you can google what the weather will be tomorrow, you can make notes on the go, you can calculate something, you can read the latest news, you can order pizza within one click, you can quickly find what “synchrophasotron” means – and that’s just a short list of your possibilities.

  • Communicating gets easier

You can meet someone from the other side of the planet or chat with your relatives living abroad. Not only young people benefit from these opportunities. Online dating platforms are becoming a popular way for adults to get acquainted with someone and even find a partner for life. One can practice their foreign language knowledge by communicating with native speakers online.

  • We can go to any corner of the world

Traveling is now easier than ever. Do you remember from your school history course that ancient nomadic folks had to wander for months in order to find places for new settlements? It sounds unbelievable now because you can fall asleep on a plane and wake up just 8 hours later on the opposite side of the world. And what about space tourism?

  • Development of related fields of science

Of course, technology affects all sciences, starting with biology and anatomy and ending with psychology and astronomy. The advanced equipment allows for deeper studies and impressive results, which in their turn, allow for inventing new technologies.

  • More opportunities for work and education

You can receive an education without leaving your room – be it an entire online college course or a beginner mobile app development course. Moreover, you can find a job and get to work immediately after that. Such opportunities make the world a better place for people with disabilities.

Negative Points Of Technology

There are many side effects of technology too and recently a game called blue whale is making kids to commit suicide. This is just one of the example for the negative side of technology. When we are too much addicted to technology, we will start obeying to it and that’s what the developer of blue whale took into consideration and created that game. He just asks to commit suicide from the top of the building and people are obeying it as he has some of his private data. Apart from this, there are many like hacking school wifi which deviates the reason behind the purpose of school wifi. Let’s get into some points and sdiscuss them.

  • Gadgets take a lot of our time

With such a great number of devices and entertainment options that technology gives us, we get stuck with our phones, laptops, and TVs, forgetting about the real world, real people, and real problems around us. The worst thing is that the time starts passing by much quicker when you’re chatting with someone on Facebook or reading the news feed.

  • We get lazier

We start shopping online on platforms like Amazon; our kids start paying for homework help on websites like we start feeling as if seeing the beauty of the world on pictures and videos is enough and we stop dreaming about traveling. Technologies awaken our laziness.

  • We rely completely on our devices

Students keep all their homework on their computers, while employees store important reports on flash drives. When we were not that electronic, losing valuable information was a rare occasion. Now, it’s a common thing to her “I can’t find my flash drive” or “My laptop broke down before I managed to save a document”.

  • Online information can’t be trusted completely

The World Wide Web is now the biggest source of information on any topic, which makes us think of it as also the most credible one. But the truth is, the Web is full of content intended to mislead children and adults around the whole world. Some people take advantage of the trust and give you even more of fake information.

  • A gap between generations becomes more visible

The faster the pace of development becomes, the further generations get from each other. While many adults of 40-50 years old manage to keep up with the technologies, most of the elderly people will never understand their grandchildren’s habit to check their smartphones every 5 minutes.

  • Governments and different organizations can track our actions more easily

With all the GPS devices and navigating functions integrated into our mobile phones and tablets, we constantly send out data about our location. Besides, some people believe that Big Brother is watching us, listening to our phone calls, reading our messages, and spying through our Web cameras. No one knows how true it is, but it does sound scary because it’s obvious that modern technologies can easily make it all possible.

  • A quick tempo of development allows some financial issues to arise

Technology plays a significant role in every country’s economy. So do large multi-billion corporations that develop them. Therefore, everyone wants to make money on new technologies. As a result, companies producing electronic devices get a chance to set their prices higher each time they release something new.

Final Thought

Clear as it is, there’s nothing completely bad or good on earth. We decide that something does harm and something doesn’t as soon as we start thinking about it. Technology itself is neutral, so the answer to the question must be in the way we use technology, right?

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Postive and negative points of technology with side effects

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