Banning Max Hospital’s License Helps Society ?

Everyone must have heard about the recent Max Hospitals Tragedy incident where the new born baby was declared as dead but, he is alive and made some movement during last rituals. It made the whole society shook for a while and it’s completely a doctors negligence on deciding the fetus as dead without proper checks. When it comes to life of a person, every doctor and staff must pay high attention and address with the care. Delhi government banned the hospitals license immediately and asked the network to shut down immediately based on this incident.

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Is It A Doctor’s Mistake (Or) Network’s Mistake ?

We are not in favor of anyone and just analyzing the incident in all our possible directions. You can also share your views in the comment box below and we will be glad to know your opinions.

Everyone does mistakes but they shouldn’t cost other people life’s. Yes, There are some unfortunate mistakes which we cannot predict until it’s done. For example, A truck rushes into a store and kills 10 people. Whom do we blame ? We punish the driver only and there is no point in cancelling the truck’s manufacturer license.

Doctor has to be punished for sure and the network has to cancel doctors license so that he cannot put another life in risk. It has be done after investigating the complete case and details.

Max hospitals immediately banned the two doctors who are involved in this case without any preliminary investigation and this is also not acceptable from max hospitals as doctors are not robust and they have to take steps after looking into all the details.

How Max Hospital Network Ban Affects Society ?

Banning a hospitals license is not recommended unless the hospital has been repeatedly making the same mistakes. It does more bad than the good to society and here are the quick facts.

Max Hospital shalimarbagh treats over 1700 emergency patients every month and who will take care of these emergency case if they shut down the hospital immediately ?

Every Max hospital in India helps daily around 150 patients. And what about the daily 150 patients now ? They might move to another hospital but the regular check up’s becomes more difficult as the new doctor won’t be aware of the patient problems clearly.

Max Hospital is a super specialty hospital which addresses the most critical cases with ease and what’s the replacement for this hospital now ? and Delhi government must think about this seriously now. It will take years to build an another super specialty hospital with the world class amenities.

Unemployment – Max hospitals shalimarbagh provides employment to around 2000 people through all operations and what do they do now ? Doctors can find an another hospital in another city easily but, what about the lower class working people such as peon, sweepers, receptionists and cleaners ? Everything has to be taken into consideration before passing a government order.

What Might Have Happened ?

According to CCTV footage, the doctor said that “I cannot hear any heart beat and I have to consult my senior on this” to the nurse. Nurse wrapped the body in plastic cover and handed over to the parents. The warmth of plastic might have brought the fetus to life and the expert doctors say that the fetus won’t survive for more days. Delhi government should perform the detailed analysis on this issue and declare the final judgement.

Conclusion –

We are not favoring any one or criticizing any one and just done the preliminary analysis based on the available reports. We always respect your opinions and feel free to drop your comments below in the comment box.

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