Meal replacement shake or protein shakes? Which To Choose ?

Protein shakes or meal replacement shake ? Best one to lose weight

There are many kinds of shakes available in market targeting different sections of people. Few shakes will help you to gain weight and few to lose weight. Choosing a best working protein shake or meal replacement shake is very crucial and you have to do a little bit of research on it to get best results and don’t worry we have done it for you and providing all the information in this article. So, today we will clear some of your doubts like what to choose ? and how are they gonna help me ? We have previously covered few articles on Protien Milk shakes and we are linking them below for your reference. Before proceeding further, have a look at them and understand what is a protein shake and how it helps in weight loss.

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Generally, people are not aware about the shake they have to use- meal replacement or protein? Also, some people might not find the intended results as they will be taking the wrong type of shake that is not suited for their goal. Hence, you will have to decide about your goal first before you decide about which shake you are planning to drink.

If you are planning to lose weight, meal replacement shakes are highly recommended and read on to know why it is effective.

If you are planning to gain muscle or lean mass, protein shakes are highly recommended to suit your needs.

Protein Or Meal Replacement Shake ?

Here is the detailed explanation on two types of shakes and what to choose. We have added detailed description for each type of shake and you are free to choose any one based on your requirements.

1. Meal Replacement Shakes

A typical meal replacement shake will comprise of lesser than 300 calories. Also, they must comprise of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals, fibers, minimal or zero sugar and minimal carbs.
Meal replacements, as the name suggest, serve as a healthy replacement for your meal in a glass. You can blend it using different recipes and if you swap a meal or two daily with a meal replacement shake, you can lose weight easily. There are different recipes available for meal replacement shakes. You can mix and match them so that you do not get bored of meal replacement shakes.

2. Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are not specifically developed for weight loss. They are only taken as a supplement to assist muscle gain. After an extensive workout in the gym, your muscles break down and trigger a process called catabolism. To repair the muscle and make them stronger, protein is highly essential. When you are planning to gain muscle, you would require one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight for optimum levels. To gain protein from natural sources, you will have to eat a lot of chicken, meat fish, eggs etc.
To make this easy, protein shakes can be incorporated in your diet. There are different types of proteins such as whey protein, caseinate, egg protein, soy protein, hemp protein, pea and rice protein, beef isolate protein etc. and you can select the one that best suits you.

Consumption of Protein Shake

Your body should have adequate protein supply all through the day to enhance the muscle growth. It is recommended that you consume protein shakes before, during and after workouts to achieve the best results and gain muscle mass. You can also add fruits and meal replacement shakes to protein shakes so that you feel filled and it also has the nutrition it requires.


If you are looking for muscle gain, protein shakes are useful. If you are doing too much cardio or eating high protein food anyway, protein shakes are not required.
As you are aware of the difference between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes, you can now decide for yourself about the shake that you would want to consume. Also, you need to understand that it will not work as a miracle unless you exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find more information and reviews about Idealshape diet shake and other popular supplements on the site.

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