Online Dating: Hints, Advices For Men And Women

Online Dating Tips, Advice, Tricks For Men and Women

Some people believe that the acquaintance through the Internet is a silly and strange way to start relationships, especially if a partner lives on the other side of the planet. But we know that this is not true. What is the difference between the process of online dating and dozens of other ways of searching a soul mate? There are not much differences, but on online dating sites clients have much more benefits.

Slavic women are one of the most frequent visitors of online dating sites. Belarus is one of those countries where hundreds of beautiful, kind and smart women are still waiting for their prince. Do not hesitate and Belarusian girls dating will bring you much pleasure, but it is necessary to decide which type of relationships you are looking for. This helps to organize your profile correctly.

Online Dating Tips And Steps To Be Followed :-

Here are the simple tips and tricks for people who are looking to date a girl or boy. We have divided them into two categories based on goals.

Goal – Serious relationship.

1. Photo
It should not be your half-naked body on the beach, or a rigorous picture of the computer in the workplace. The most successful picture to show your “serious intentions” is you, sitting in a quiet, homely atmosphere in a chair with a cat on your lap and with a smile on your face.
2. Text
Never write: “Girls, I love you!” Or “I’m looking for a girl, because my life – is a continuous work without joy.” This way you have almost no chances that anybody will respond to you with serious intentions. Work is good, but do not forget about the joys of life. Unless, you want girls to find someone more cheerful.
3. Hooks
All depends on the kind of woman you would like to start relationships with and see next to you for the rest of your life. You can send her, for example this: “I’ll take my beloved girl to Paris to walk along the Champs Elysees.” Or, “My dream is a happy family, and three little kids.” These “hooks” are necessary to make girl understand what her life will be filled with joy, when she’s with you.
Sticking to the above rules doubles your chances to find a Belarusian girl with serious intentions on different trustworthy online dating sites like Kovla.


Goal – Flirtation and Short Romance.

1. Photo
Ideal – your naked torso. Of course, if you have something to brag about. Or you, sitting in a great car. No car? Y-yes … Then seduce her with a large bouquet of flowers, holding it in hands, or at least with a wide smile. Let her know that you are an easy, fun, cute, and able to give at least two weeks of fun and pleasure.
2. Text
It is not necessary to delve into mysteries of your personality. Short romance – is a short romance. Do not say straight: “I need a girlfriend for intimate relations.” Even if a woman herself is looking for the same, she could never like the fact that you just want her and that’s all. Certain emotional relationships in dating are essential for all girls.
3. Hooks
Different promises like “pleasant evenings at sunsets” and “coffee in bed in the morning.” In general, you may use any words, but always be honest with her and with yourself. Thus, online dating will bring you much more pleasant moments.


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