Top slow motion camera android apps on Google Play

Slow motion videos have been around for a while and we've always loved them for the versatility they bring to the regular paced videos we shoot everyday. But back in the day, before slo-mo made showed up on smartphones, you'd have had to…

Tips on how to get rid of stomach fat

Belly fat is quite an inconvenience. It ruins your clothes as you can't fit into them comfortably and tight tops or shirts are off-limits. And you can't help but wish you had a flat abdomen, But before you pop the big question, let us tell…

10 best health benefits of drinking water everyday

We all know that water is important for sustenance and that without it, we'd die of thirst; even if we had a truckload of food. And it' everywhere. The Earth has more water on the surface, than land. Our bodies have more water, than organs.…

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