Calisthenics VS Gym Which Is Better Excercise?

This is a question often asked by fitness enthusiasts. We want to get fit but we don't know whether to hit the gym or the bars. What's the difference between calisthenics and gym? Well, they both have the same end result, a good physique, …

Best Weight Loss Plan For Women

If You're a typical Indian girl and you don't have the super slim sexy body that bikini models have but you have no clue what to do to get that kinda aesthetics and you've never been to the gym either. Well, this is the perfect guide for…

How Do I Overcome Depression ?

Depression is a very common thing these days. It's kinda like a trend now. Everybody gets depressed at least once in a while. Some try to drown their emotions in alcohol, sex or drugs but only end up worse than they were. Many even commit…

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