PayPal Account Hacking Methods With Security Tips

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Hackers are everywhere and it’s our responsibility to keep our accounts secure from hackers. Many established networks consider security as their first priority and keep their network more secure. But, the basic thing is “Everything is vulnerable to attacks in this Internet world and if you are not able to hack it then you don’t know how to hack it“. I liked this dialogue and it’s damn true. Whatever security measures PayPal, Facebook, Google take, there is always a chance to steal the data. So, today we just want to provide you some tips which will help you in securing your PayPal account. We will just show you different types of methods hackers use to get into our PayPal accounts. PayPal is money and If they can get access to our PayPal account, they got into our bank. Hacking PayPal account is not impossible as hackers are able to hack wifi passwords to google search results.

Note: – You have to set a strong password for your account else, password breakers will try millions of password combinations and break it easily. Also, setting a password as your first name or “password” is highly not recommended.

1) Paypal Accounts hack Methods- Phishing

Today, we will show you the best possible scenarios to hack your PayPal account and the phishing method is the most used one among all the hacking techniques. Lemme describe you all methods in detail.

Phishing Method To Hack PayPal:-

This word sounds a bit Chinese but, it’s the English word with a huge possibility of hacking. This method is the common and basic method to get the login credentials of PayPal, Gmail, and many other sites.

Phishing is nothing but making a similar login page and stealing your passwords. In this method, they won’t hack into your account or script something to get your data.They will just send you the cloned login page to you. I will also show you the basic details such as how those pages look like and how to identify them.

Phishing pages look similar to our PayPal login page and they will just clone the PayPal login page. Once after you enter your details (username and password) and click on submit, they will be sent to the owner of the page and you will be redirected to original paypal login page where you need to enter your login details again to get access to your account.

How to identify phishing pages of PayPal

Check 1 – Always check the URL of the site in the website address bar and it must be Extensions may vary if you are from different countries like or

So, always make sure it’s www.paypal.### and extensions doesn’t matter.

Paypal accounts can be hacked by sending a phishing page
Paypal Account Hacks Prevention – Check 2

Easy tip – Make sure PayPal is present in between two dots.

Check 2 – whenever you receive a mail from PayPal, check the sender email address and it should consist of If it’s not the case kindly ignore it and report the email to PayPal security team.


Paypal account hacks prevention – Check 1

Easy tip – Make sure the email address consists of

2) Paypal Payment Page Hack – Pay Now Button

Paypal has provided an option to integrate BUY NOW buttons on our web pages and with this addition of the feature, hackers have found a bug in it to make the payment successful without actually paying anything. They have made a script for this hack and once you run the script after pressing on Buy Now button, it will redirect you to the successful payment page.

Update – This hack was fixed by PayPal security team but, this affected paypal a lot. At present, this script is not working.

There are many incidents that top networks like PayPal, McAfee, IBM, US Defence and Many government organizations. Here is the list of top 10 hackers and what they are doing right now.

Precautions to prevent PayPal hack –

1) Never submit your username or password to any of your clients or customers. Just give them your PayPal mail id or you can create a custom link with for requesting payments.

2) Never write down your passwords and usernames in notes or some easily accessible places like common desktops, display boards or in any other public places. You can instead use free password managers like 1password, passwork and many more

Extra cautious tip – Whenever you find something spammy or misdirecting you then kindly report it to the PayPal security team and they will hunt those guys down and send them behind the bars.

Conclusion –

We have suggested you the best tips based on the scenarios we faced and if you have faced any other scenarios then kindly do let us know through the comments section below such that we will add them to our post. Hackers are everywhere and once our account gets hacked, there will be an immediate loss before we reach out to the PayPal customer support so, please be aware of these basic hacking methods to make sure your PayPal account is secure.

Hope you liked our post and If you have any other doubts kindly drop your comment below and we will be hanging around to help you.

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