Performance vs Safety Parts for Your Yamaha EX Deluxe

Wave running is always a fantastic fun experience. If you are someone who loves to spend time running waves, you must want both performance and safety. In order to get both, you need a high-performance wave runner that is well equipped to deliver as per your personal requirements. If you already have a Yamaha EX Deluxe wave runner, you need to know possible ways the performance and safety can be improved.

The Yamaha EX Deluxe is the top-end trim level of the EX series of WaveRunners, exempting only the high-performance EXR version. It is an excellent personal watercraft that is usable by riders of almost all skill and experience levels. So, if you are fairly new to this fun water sport, you have the right wave runner. Of course, there is always room for improvement with a little modification. That’s why I have come up with this article to help you with some ideas of modifications.

If you want to be able to push your EX Deluxe a little harder, some performance modifications will let you get some extra horsepower from the engine. Alternatively, if you want to ensure your watercraft is as safe as possible, some modifications can help you with that also. Of course, you can choose to do both. Fortunately, there are plenty of Yamaha OEM parts and aftermarket parts to use.

Upgrading Your Yamaha EX Deluxe Safety Parts

Safety and comfort are equally important for your wave running. The EX series of WaveRunners are especially popular with less experienced riders as it already comes with a number of safety measures and comforts. You may still want to consider adding some extra safety measures to ensure ease of handling. For example, new grips can help riders keep better control of their watercraft. The ProGrip 964 Evo ATV Grips offer a universal fit and are a popular choice.

Alternatively, consider purchasing a Pro Taper Hour Meter. This device measures engine hours which can be helpful in ensuring on-time maintenance. As watercraft do not have odometers like cars or bikes, their maintenance is usually broken into engine hour intervals. An aftermarket meter can make it easier to manage this with less guesswork.

Below are some of the best suggestions from the Yamaha EX Deluxe owners and follow these for better safety and performance. We invite you to drop down your views in the below comments section for better suggestions.

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Pushing Your Yamaha EX Deluxe Performance Limits

Many Yamaha EX Deluxe owners want to get more from their lightweight watercraft and I don’t see any problem with that. For engines that are getting older, consider installing Hot Cams Valve Shims. These can help close gaps in engine valves that appear over time, resulting in more power. Alternatively, upgrade the air intake to a high flow variant. More air can help boost your engine’s power.

Upgrade Away

You can get more from your personal watercraft with Yamaha aftermarket parts and OEM upgrades. Getting your Yamaha EX Deluxe setup exactly the way you want makes it even more fun to use. Some simple upgrades can make your Yamaha EX Deluxe perform better and you can feel safer and more comfortable while running on the waves.

Conclusion –

Riding a wave rider is always fun and you can maximize the fun by optimizing the performance of your Yamaha EX Deluxe to fullest. Do let us know your views in the comments section so that it will help other users too. We will be hanging around to answer your queries. Have a great day ahead and happy surfing 🙂

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