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Many people dread not just presenting in front of the audience, but also the idea of actually creating a PowerPoint presentation. Probably, these people know the pressure of creating powerful, compelling, and interesting presentations that are truly worth the time and attention of their audience.

They want to create a presentation that will keep their audience’s attention glued to the projection, slide after slide. They also want to create one that will make them more confident in front of their audience, as the slides make it easy for them to communicate their message and get their point across. However, creating an interesting PowerPoint presentation is not as easy as it sounds. It needs to have a perfect balance not just of the text, graphics, images, and animations on the slides, but also the public speaking skills and subject knowledge of the person giving the presentation.

Using PowerPoint Templates for Making Exceptional Presentations

FPPT.com provides thousands of presentation designs and free PowerPoint templates to help you get started in creating your slideshows, showcase your projects or making class lectures. Whether it’s for school, business or personal use, FPPT has a wide range of free PowerPoint backgrounds, as well as diagram slide and slideshow templates to make sure that your decks will always look professional, polished, and interesting before your audience.

Such templates allow you to get your mind off the worry, so you can create a beautiful and captivating presentation. This is because the templates in FPPT are designed and created by experts. They are also specially curated for FPPT to suit your needs, whether you’re creating PowerPoint slides for photo albums, events, project management, calendars, financial reports, sales pitches, budgets, or photography showcases.

Map Templates for PowerPoint Presentations

One example of exceptional presentation templates is this World Map PowerPoint Template. This free template features a vector image of the map of the world, complete with all the details of each of the world’s seven continents. This free background template has a clean, crisp, and solid blue background that is easy and pleasing to the eyes. Meanwhile, the vector world map is set perfectly right in the middle, in mustard yellow that clearly contrasts against the blue background.

best powerpoint templates with maps
Free Powerpoint Templates Using FPPT

This single slide template is in white font, in clear and bold letters at the top of the slide. The description, meanwhile, is in the same white font with the same face, but overlaid on a rectangle shape with gradient effect right at the bottom, creating a perfect visual balance of all the slide elements.

This template can easily be used as a title slide, as an introduction of presentations about things concerning tourism, geology, travel, hospitality, history, globalization, business, and the like. This template is versatile enough to serve as a handy map template and inserted throughout your slides wherein you want to pinpoint a particular area of the world in your presentation.

A good trick to use in this template is to create map pins, pointers, or markers. You can insert such into areas in the map that you want to talk about. You can use this map to show the branches or offices of your company, affected areas, target areas, etc.

By clicking on each part of the continent, you can also change their color by going to the Format menu under Drawing Tools. This way, you can define or color code certain areas of concern, depending on your presentation topic.

FPPT has many more map templates with maps for different countries, continents and regions of the world.

Effectively Display Data Using Compelling Visuals like This CRM Template

This vibrant CRM Diagram PowerPoint Template is professionally designed to show the different areas of customer relations management.

As you can see in this free diagram template, CRM is written as the big chunk in the middle, and around it are four puzzle pieces that complete it. These four are Sales, Service, Support and Quality. This powerful diagram shows how CRM will not be complete without these four essential components.

CRM in powerpoint presentations

As someone from sales, marketing, retail, management, finance, banking, trade, or any other industry, you will have encountered customers as part of your operations. Therefore, you may need to create presentations or use business plan templates that delineate the importance of sales, service, support, and quality to your customers and ultimately, to your company.

So instead of using up plenty of slides with text, which can definitely bore your audience, use this CRM diagram template not just to create a colorful visual but to also cohesively display your information before your audience. Such a visual helps the audience as well so they can have a better chance of retaining the information you are giving.

This free diagram template contains 6 slides that each show the relationship of various parts of the diagram with each other. By adding your own animations, you can add movement to the slides and make them even more interesting. You can also customize the template by formatting the shapes in the template, changing the color scheme, and even applying your own presentation background to the slide. You can even add your company logo to further personalize the slides and create branding recall.


The presentation templates provided by FPPT are compatible with major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office. Also, it is possible to open the presentation templates in many different tools such as Keynote, OpenOffice or even using the Google PowerPoint alternative, Google Slides.

If you’re wondering how to get started on your own presentation, worry no more. Go visit free-power-point-templates.com to get started with a wide range of presentation themes and templates to help you create your very own impressive and compelling presentations; all in half the time, half the effort, with great results!

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