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Play station is the dream of almost every gamer and everyone loves to play the games on the play station due to its amazing graphics and widescreen capability. For example, playing a FIFA game on 40-inch screen with high definition graphics makes it much interesting to watch and play. Sony has developed many awesome games for their play station users with high-speed graphics and instant motion capturing. All these games capture every tiny motion instantly and provide us the great user experience.

Android phones are capable of doing almost everything. The most powerful mobile phone OS is highly customizable which allows us to do everything from our phone. You can do anything from spying someone to turning your phone as the gaming console.

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What Makes Play Station Games More Awesome

Play station games are tested vigorously and will be released in a blue ray disc. These game will hold every detail of the game and are very fast while playing. In other words, there will be absolutely no lag anywhere while playing the game on PS.

Apart from this, Sony has developed few games which are available only on play station store and those games are pretty so-called. These games will be under PlayStation exclusive category and not available anywhere apart from the play station.

What Does An Android Emulator Do?

Emulators are a kind of software which helps you in downloading the play station games without a real play station. Sounds awesome right Yes, you can download and play the play station games on your android devices for free. Follow the below process on how to download an emulator for android and install it on your phone.

Note: Play station games take much space compared to normal games and occupy more ram on your phone. I recommend you to go for the android game if the same game is available in the google play store.

Install PS3 Emulator On Android

Below are the steps to download and install the Play station 3 emulator on your android device. Do let us know through the comments section if you are stuck in between the process and we will be always ready to help you.

1) Download the APK file from the link given below. Download link
2) It’s time to enable unknown source install option. Go to Settings > > Security >> enable or check “unknown source” option.
3) Go to downloads and click on the downloaded file.
4) Follow the on-screen instruction and complete installing the file. If you are not lazy like us, then read everything and click on the next button :p
5) Tap done once the file is successfully installed.
6) Click on PS BIOS file option and select the downloaded PS3 BIOS file which is located on your SD card or internal memory.

By following these steps, PS3 Emulator will be installed on your device and now it’ time to unleash it’s power of the PS3 games and have some fun.

If you face any issues while downloading the games then we recommend you to go through this direct link and download games to your android phone. Below link is the direct link to the play station games store.

Conclusion –

Android phones can do more than what we imagine and playing the PS3 game on android is awkwardly amazing :p. Do remember that some games need very high CPU usage and graphics which even high-end Android phones or so-called flagship phones also can’t provide. We recommend you to play medium graphics games on your android phone.

Do comment down your views and your favorite PS3 games in the comments section below so that we will have a look at them and try on your phones too. Happy gaming and play safe.

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