Real Wifi Hacking Apps For Android

Real Wifi Hacking Apps For android and best hacking apps ios

Hacking wifi is not as difficult as we imagine and there are few applications which made it much easier. You don’t need to excel in any hacking codes, and all you need is an Android smartphone. Our team tested all the below apps and working fine at the time of writing this article. Moreover, do remember that the list of real wifi hacker apps will be updated regularly because the wifi securities will get updated daily and we have to update our apps to bypass them.

You don’t need to root your device, and there are many sites which provide you the false information and makes you download the viruses. So, we have added direct play store links for your convenience and trust. Don’t forget to like our post if you find it really useful.

NOTE: – If any of the below apps are not working, then do let us know through the comments section below and we will have a look at that and update the list.

Before trying these apps, try few default passwords which ae used by 10 percent of the people. So, here are few passwords for your convenience.

Password”  – This is the most used password for the wifi networks and it’s a default one for almost all wifi routers.

12345678” – This is the second most used password with more lazy people who doesn’t want to try something new.

If these two doesn’t work for you, then proceed further and the below real wifi hacking apps will help you to bypass the password.

Real Wifi Hacker Apps To Hack Wifi

Here are the list of apps which are used to hack or crack your wifi firewall quickly through an android or iOS application. Scroll down and proceed further for the list of applications. All these are real wifi hacker apps and not the fake ones. real apps to hack wifi

How to use wifi hacker apps

Using these applications are very simple, and you just have to follow two steps. That’s it 🙂

Step 1: – Install the application from google play store or App Store

Step 2: – Run the application and enjoy the password free browsing.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester :-

This is one of the best app available in the play store to hack all the WPA/WPS WiFi networks. It can only hack WPS/WPA networks and now you might be wondering how to find out which network belongs to which category. Don’t worry about that and you can find that in this application itself. After launching the app, it will show you all the available wifi networks around you and if the wifi symbol is in red color, then the application can’t bypass the router security system. If it’s green, then make a list of your favorite seasons and start downloading :p

This application is used by many people and also got very good reviews from users. It’s a trusted application and it can hack only few wifi networks which are not WPA2 networks.

Play Store Link – Download It From Here

wifi WPS WPA tester wifi hacking apps android
WiFi WPS WPA Tester- Real WiFi Hacking App


WPS Connect:- Real wifi hack apps

This app also does the same like the above application but, sometimes this application shows more networks compared to other apps. The main advantage of this application is they have integrated basic passwords and few top level password checkers which will check the default passwords and most used passwords combinations against the wifi network. Most of the people won’t change the password of their router from “password” and if it’s the case then this will help you. The interface of this app is pretty simple and straight to the work.

This application has also got good reviews and ratings from play store. We have also personally tried this and working fine in our end.

Play Store Link – Download It From Here

wps connect real wifi hacker android
WPS Connect – 2nd Real Wifi Hack App

Andro Dumper :-

The main added advantage of this application is they have two methods of bypassing wifi network. One is for rooted devices and another is for non-rooted devices. Rooting is not at all required and don’t root your devices for this application. All you need is a higher version of android Lollipop and hopefully, everyone might have updated their OS to the higher version of android lollipop. If you are a rooted user, then the only benefit is you can view the password which is absolutely not necessary to connect. So, enjoy the application as non rooted device and stay safe. This app also won’t work with networks which has only WPS push button and not the password.
I recommend you to install all these apps and any of these applications may help you when it’s needed. Moreover, these apps won’t consume much space too.

Play Store Link – Download It From Here

andro dumper real wifi hacker apps
Andro Dumper- Real wifi hacking app

Conclusion: –

All the above apps are top-rated in play store and has got good user reviews. Do try them and all of these are free of cost and no app will ask you to root your android device. So, these are really safe to try and if it’s worked for you then Viola, enjoy the surfing else, try another network. Hope this article helped you in hacking wifi firewall. These are all the real wifi hacking apps which are completely genuine and trustful.

Our Suggestion: – We personally liked WiFi WPS WPA Tracker and Andro dumper as they are much focused in hacking WiFi easily. Moreover, we haven’t used WPS Connect as the first app itself always satisfy our needs.

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    Androdumper link is now dead.

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