Places to Sell your Products Online in 2018

Shopping has evolved a lot in the last few decades. If at first, people had no choice but go to a shop or a market to buy things – eventually mail order their favorite products from a printed catalog – the recent years have brought many innovative approaches to the market (no pun intended), expanding the possibilities of reaching customers through novel mediums. At first, it was e-commerce – today, you can order pretty much everything online. Then, there are the diverse marketplaces, catering to the needs of a varied category of sellers and shoppers alike. Today, you have more means of selling stuff than ever, with the only thing left is understanding what makes your clients buy on the various platforms available today. Because this one differs from one platform to another.

Places To Sell Your Products Online

There are many places in the world where you can sell your products but going online is the best way as it cuts the set up costs and helps us in reaching more audience from various parts of the world. Digital platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram are updating their platforms to make it more comfortable for audiences with ads.

Social media marketplaces

People have been selling their stuff for ages through garage sales and classified ads that appeared in the printed media – until the internet took over as the biggest ever platform for such a commercial activity. Classified ad websites were all the rage a few years ago – that, of course, until social networks have attacked their positions as the number one sales channels for small merchants, creators, and such.

Today, every major social network – perhaps with the exception of Twitter – offers its users a means of selling their stuff. Facebook has its Marketplace, Instagram has its sales posts, and Pinterest has implemented buyable posts years ago. Plus, there are the online marketplaces like Etsy that offer able-handed artists a platform to sell their products quickly and easily.

Self-hosted webshops

The easiest way to start selling today is to open a webshop – and it’s easier than ever. If the range of your products is small, you can easily set up a WordPress-powered online store with a WooCommerce plugin taking care of the shopping part. There are, in turn, other solutions that are sometimes more complex but still affordable – think PrestaShop, for example, a complete open-source e-commerce platform that can handle everything from payments to multi-store setups. Implementing these can cost little to no money (if you stick with the free parts of the software) and time and can offer the perfect means of jumpstarting your online business.

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Cloud-based store platforms

Cloud-based e-commerce platforms are gaining a lot of traction today, with Shopify being one of the best-known of them. Shopify makes it easy to set up an online store at a reduced cost – the lowest-tier usable Shopify store costs $29 a month, and this offers the user pretty much everything to get started (there is, of course, a lower tier called Shopify Lite with the absolute basic capabilities and the lowest cost – just $9 a month for being able to accept credit card payments). What makes it very popular is that it takes the hard work out of the equation, offering comprehensive support, detailed documentation, and ease of use – not to mention peace of mind.

Conclusion –

We have listed the best and working methods to sell your products online in 2019. These ways work best and we prefer social media as the key market place as digital marketing is evolving day by day and it has billions of potential customers online all the time. If you have any other ideas then throw them in the comments section below and these will help our readers too. Have a safe day. Cheers 🙂

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