Best South Indian Recipes for Weight Loss

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The only way you can reduce weight is by being in a calorie deficit, which means that eating less than what you are supposed to. It is for this purpose, you can implement a healthy diet plan consisting of vitamins, calcium, carbs, proteins as well as carbohydrates. People who belong to South India find it difficult to lose weight as it gets tough for them to compromise on the taste as well as the quality of food.

Delicious south Indian dishes cannot possibly help lose weight for sure, however when such normal dishes prepared using healthy ingredients prove quite healthy and promote weight loss in a profound manner. Here are few popular South Indian recipes that you can include in your daily diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle while reducing weight in a healthy way

South Indian Weight Loss Recipes

Below is the list of best South Indian foods to consider if you are really considering to cut down some body weight. We don’t recommend you to skip your breakfast or meals but, consider having little amounts time to time. Losing weight is easy for people who had a knowledge on food and it’s calories.We have listed few low-calorie foods which will help you in weight loss. Also, consume high minerals food like sprouts, Dates and almonds for better results.

Moong dal Idli – Rich Vitamin Food

The Moong dal idli can be a perfect addition to your diet as it is extremely low in calories. This one type of idli contains low fat which is easily digestible and comes with a great source of protein. Moong dal idli is extremely healthy tastes quite delicious. Rich in vitamin K and C, the Moong dal not only strengthens the tissues of the cartilage as well as quite good for the skin. The recipe is also diabetic-friendly and helps in reducing weight as well to a great extent. You can prepare the dish at home and can also order it at quite attractive rates from popular South Indian restaurants utilizing food and drink coupons at Mytokri App.

moong dal idly for weight loss south indian recipes list
Yummy Moong Dal Idly For Weight Loss


Upma – Slow Digestion Food

Made from wheat rava, upma is surely a healthy breakfast option. With every 100 grams of wheat rava, you can approximately get 71 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein, 3 grams of fibre with only one gram of fat. When prepared using green leafy vegetables, upma contains minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc which prove quite good for health.

In addition to this, the food is digested by your body very slowly which keeps you full for long. Vitamins that are present in wheat rava are good for your immunity as well as the immune system. Semolina contains durum wheat which ensures energy in the body for longer time preventing the person from overeating. Since it is digested quite slowly, it increases significantly the chances of shedding more fat.

upma south indian recipe for weigh loss
Weight loss recipes – Upma

Appam – High Energy Food

Appam is a popular South Indian dish that is essentially made with oats and rice paste. There are 85 calories in a 1 serving of Appam, Calorie Breakdown 27% fat, 69% carbs, 5% protein. The dish is pan fried and it contains no spices or oil in any form which makes it quite a healthier option for weight loss.

When consumed on daily basis, it reduces significantly the chances of obesity and heart stroke along with lowering the cholesterol as well as fat deposits. Weight conscious people who like to stay fit, for them Appam is a perfect choice as it contains the goodness of both oats and boiled rice.

The recipe is low in calories and rich in fibre and protein which makes it a perfect option as it contains essential minerals like potassium and manganese. The Appam can also be served with a chicken stew instead of vegetable to promote weight loss in an easy and effortless manner.

Best south indian recipe for weight loss appam
South indian Weight loss recipe – Appam


Sambhar Idli – Light And Delicious

One of the most popular South Indian recipes, Sambhar and Idli contain nutrients and does not make you fat at all. Idli-sambar is a dish which can easily be absorbed by your body. The food does not make lethargic or sleepy and keeps your stomach quite light.

Sambhar contains lentils, which is rich in protein and can be digested very easily. Also, as sambar is very tasty on the tongue, one can relish it quite effortlessly and in the best manner. Rich in carbs, proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins, the dish can be prepared using a variety of vegetables and leafy substances that make sambar tasty.
Sambhar contains fibre in plenty which promotes better digestion and avoids calories accumulation. As idli sambar is not a high-fat diet or calorie-dense food, it can prove a highly beneficial and useful recipe for those who look to target weight loss without compromising on the taste and quality of food.

sambar idly recipe south indian losing weight
Sambar Idly recipe – For weight loss


Rasam – Healthy And Tasty

Delicious and healthy, Rasam provide plenty of health benefits when included in the diet. This one is quite a popular recipe in South India and is preferred with almost every meal. Ingredients like tomatoes, tamarind, turmeric powder and coriander come with significant medicinal properties that can boost your health quite perfectly.
Rich in essential vitamins such as thiamine, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, and riboflavin, Rasam can promote weight loss in the healthiest of manner.

Vitamins present in this food act as antioxidants and help keep the body healthy. The black pepper content present in the rasam helps the body lose weight by removing the toxins and promoting body sweat that help in producing more urine. Thus, the body’s metabolism is kept working properly supplementing a healthy lifestyle.

Above all are the best foods to consider to trim your fat and we also advise you to perform some calisthenic exercises in the morning or evening which keeps your body in shape. Also, consume high minerals food like sprouts, Dates and almonds for better results.

rasam south indian fr weight loss a a technique
Delicious Rasam – South Indian Weight Loss Tips

Conclusion :-

There are may ways for weight loss but only a few are hygienic and this is the best one among them. Follow our guide on best South Indian recipes for weight loss and stay fit. If you have any doubts, then kindly drop your comment below and we will be hanging around to clear your questions.

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