8 Easy Steps to Writing A Superb Descriptive Essay

One of the most common orders experts of SnappyEssays get every day is a descriptive essay writing. Although it is a seemingly easy assignment – just gather information about certain event or a person and organize it into a paper, many students stuck with it. The point is, it does not matter, what is described, how it is described – that’s where it’s all! Everything is in the detail, tone and voice, ability to create a vivid picture of something using your vocabulary. Having poor writing and presentation skills you will never get more than an average mark for this kind of paper. But if you are struggling for more, then here are some professional tips and steps to follow.

Easy Steps For Writing Descriptive Essay:-

Below are the best steps in writing superb descriptive essays easily. Just follow all these and get your work done perfectly.

  1. Prewriting stage
    Take your time and brainstorm what you know and what do you want to tell about the topic of your future paper. What are the details to put the light on? What senses should be used when describing the thing? What feelings and ideas this thing or person recalls?Before writing write down all the details you want to pay attention to, dividing them into five groups according to the five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.
  2. Outlining
    Think over the draft of the paper: every paragraph should be dedicated to certain idea, sense or feeling. The main goal of your writing is to create a complete picture so do not be afraid to use all senses.
  3. Take an advantage of your vocabulary
    Figurative language as well as similes and metaphors work perfectly well in this kind of essay writing so you have to do your best in order to express your thoughts and create a vivid image. Well-written description does not depend on the set of facts – it’s all in your ability to wax eloquent on a subject.
  4. Surpass yourself when writing thesis statement
    This introductory sentence of the text predetermines the way your readers will get the information, sets the aim of the paper and explains its importance. With this single sentence you have to catch the audience and achieve full immersion to the world of your topic.
  5. Write the first draft
    Carefully look through the “five senses list” and pen down the paper that fully opens the topic.
  6. Revise the draft
    Thoroughly look through the draft and reorganize and modify content arranging it in a way that allows the reader to understand the topic fully.
  7. Pay attention to the conclusion
    It is the last and yet not the least paragraph of the paper: you have to be a hundred percent positive about the fact that your reader will pore over the subject even after finishing reading the paper and conclusive part should create that effect.
  8.  Polishing of the text
    Take a break and look through the paper with a fresh take. Thus you will see all typos, discrepancies and mistakes.



Conclusion :-

If you have ever tried preparing an essay then you will understand this post easily. Writing a great essay is not an easy thing. Many freelancers will think it as an easy task and when they start writing they will understand difficulties of writing an essay. So, we have listed few things to follow in order to write a perfect essay. Just follow them and let us know through the comments section if we missed any important point.

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