Summer Has Arrived And Here Are Your Safety Tips

best Summer Safety Tips For Kids, summer safety tips for Women and summer safety tips for adults

Winter has almost come to an end and the hot sun is ready to roar. Summer will be very hot and more than that it tans your complete body. No one likes to become dark in the hot sun and so here we came with some useful tips to save you from tanning. We will just suggest you few things to keep you safe and obviously, they are not expensive too. We are not only talking about your beauty but also health because everything is important in this very short life.

We are not gendered biased and all these tips are for everyone. You can follow these tips and save yourself from the hot sun. You Might be aware of the proverb “face is the index of the mind” and we can’t change your mind but your face can be changed. Here, we will provide you a few tips to keep this summer chilled for your body. The temperature in this summer will be super hot as per weather predictions and don’t let that heat spoil your charming looks.

Summer Safety Tips For Kids & Adults

Here are the few summer tips which will help you to save yourself from burning sun. Go through the list and remember the important points and follow them because one day you will really find them helpful. Before proceeding further, do check whether you are physically exhauseted or not due to the high temperature outside.

1. Drink Drink And Become Drinker

You might be an alcohol drinker but, in summer lift as many bottles as you can because the hot sun will suck all fluids from your body and to stay hydrated drink lots of water. Moreover, water will also add a glow to your skin by removing the toxins from your body. So, in summer lift as many water cans as you can and even make your family members drink too.

In summer, Water is better than alcohol but doesn’t make you high. That’s it

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2. Use Sunscreen Regularly:-

Wondering what sunscreen you have to choose? Don’t get confused, I will explain to you what sunscreens does and you choose one based on your interest. Basically, sunscreens reflect or absorb the harmful radiations which will tan your skin, and all the sunscreens will have the SPF(sun protection factor) based on the ingredients. SPF 15 prevents almost 93 percent of harmful radiations whereas SPF 30 prevents nearly 96 percent of those rays. There will be a little difference between these but, it’s recommended to use an SPF of 30-50 in India.
SPF 30 provides ten times more minutes of protection so, it protects you for 300 minutes and you can calculate the remaining SPF’s accordingly. I guess, now you are crystal clear on sunscreens and SPF factor. If you are still confused, then do let us know your concerns through the comments section below. We would love to help you.

Sunscreens are pretty much essential in summer so, start your shopping and here are few best brand recommendations.

Recommended Brands: – Lotus, Nivea, and Lakme

3. Be A Fruit Eater:-

Eat as many fruits you can because fruits are rich in fiber and proteins with less fat. Consider eating watermelon more as 95 percent of the fruit is water and that’s what we need in summer. Not only watermelon we have different varieties of fruits which will help keep your body hydrated and don’t let the sun to strike you. Sun strokes are common in summer and if you are weak then you will be the victim of a sun stroke.

Recommended Fruits: – Watermelon, Pineapple, berries, and tender coconut

4. Wash Your Hair Frequently:-

The best thing about summer is we can take the head bath with chilled water and that’s really an awesome feeling. Most of us must have experienced chilled bath after a heavy day. It will be damn awesome in summer to take head bath and even your hair wants to be wet. The complete effect of sun will be on your hair first so, wash it twice to thrice a week and let it recover from the sun heat.

Head wash – Summer Safety Tips For Adults

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Note: – don’t take bath immediately after coming from the hot sun because the difference in temperature may attack you with sun stroke.

5. Carry An Umbrella All the time:-

It’s better to carry 200 grams of umbrella all the time rather than admitting in the hospital. So, carry an umbrella and use it whenever the sun shows his face. This will obviously help you to survive in the hot sun. Better buy a fancy umbrella which not helps you from sun rays but also a style factor.

6. Water Bottle Is Our Weapon:-

Sometimes you might not find water near you and carrying a half liter water bottle will help you in those situations. You can also take a watermelon juice or lemon water which will help you from dehydration.

7. Get Wet In The Pool:-

Swimming will be the bet workout for your body in summer and it keeps your body fit too. Swim around 20 to 30 minutes daily to improve your blood circulation level and heart mechanism. All of the above, it keeps you wet and cool. Sweat in summer will irritate us a lot and going to the gym will turn out to be the least priority option so, swimming will help us in terms of workout and chillness.

If you are swimming for a long time then consider applying anti-chlorine gel to your hair which will help your hair from chlorine attack in the pool.

Conclusion: –

That’s all we have got into our mind and I will update the article whenever I get some new ideas. Do bookmark this page and follow them to turn your hot summer into a safe summer. Try to find the shady places on your way and walk in the shade. If you have any suggestions or recommendations then do comment below and we will add it to the list.

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