Signs or Symptoms of heat/physical exhaustion or fatigue

Exhaustion or fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or the end to rest which arises due to the lack of energy. Exhaustion can be caused by strenuous exercise, lack of sleep or lack of activity, anxiety or depression. Exhaustion can also be experienced when you’re ill. It can be treated using medical treatment and by natural means too. Let’s take a look at some symptoms of exhaustion. Fatigue is the medical term for exhaustion so don’t confuse in between these two terms.

Symptoms of Exhaustion

Here are the top symptoms of exhaustion and you may be facing any one of the below and you may not know about them. So,just give a read and know all the symptoms of exhaustion.

1. Weakness

The most profound symptom of is a feeling of weakness. You experience a dramatic decrease in strength and your muscles hurt every time you try to engage them in a physical activity. Fatigue is experienced most commonly by fitness and sports enthusiasts who engage in vigorous physical activities over prolonged periods of time every day by straining their muscles. In this case, the best cure is to rest for a while. If only a certain muscle group is exhausted, it is recommended to rest that particular muscle group while you work any other muscle group of your choice.

Weakness - symptoms of exhaustion
Weakness – symptoms of exhaustion


2. Lack of energy

Another one of the symptoms of exhaustion you start experiencing right after your muscles die down, is lack of energy. Since your muscles are exhausted, they can’t co-ordinate the basic movements of your body like walking or sitting. What they need at this point, is some rest and time to regain the energy you lost. Dehydrating and a proper diet are crucial as your muscles need the nutrition to replenish themselves.


Lack of energy - symptoms of exhaustion
Lack of energy – symptoms of exhaustion


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3. Fever and chills

When you’re experiencing exhaustion, your muscles are exhausted too. But they’re not the only parts of your body kicking the bucket. Your immune system also falters and all the while, the shield that has been protecting you for so long, goes down and you succumb to diseases quite easily. But the most common disease you can catch is fever. Most victims of exhaustion end up with fever or chills. The reason behind this is the when you are exhausted, your body temperature might go to extremes since the immune system is going berserk. Proper rest and medication are recommended in this scenario.

Fever - symptoms of exhaustion
Fever – symptoms of exhaustion



4. Vomiting and diarrhoea

Exhaustion can also cause the digestive system to go out of balance and digestion becomes a problem. You start throwing up a lot and you could even catch diarrhoea. In this condition, restraint from consuming foods that take time to digest is highly recommended. Example, bread and meat take a while to digest. Consumption of easily digestible foods and constant hydration can prove quite useful.

Vomiting - symptoms of exhaustion
Vomiting – symptoms of exhaustion


5. Weight loss

Weight loss is a common symptom of exhaustion too and is brought about by the lack of proper nutrition and the suppressed  digestive capabilities. In this case, frequent consumption of small morsels of food is highly recommended as it makes it easy for the digestive system to digest the food little by little and give you the nutrition you need to put on the weight you’ve lost due to exhaustion.

Weight loss - symptoms of exhaustion
Weight loss – symptoms of exhaustion


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Cure for exhaustion

If you are facing any of the above symptoms then we are suggesting some best cures for exhaustion. For more details, please consult a doctor in your nearest hospital but these cures will help you to some extent.

1. Diet

Eating small morsels of meals throughout the day, rather than having three big meals can give the digestive system a chance to digest all the food you eat and give you enough calories every day. Also, eating fibre rich foods can help stabilize your blood sugar. Eat food to fuel your metabolism; foods like spinach are rich in potassium and vitamins which play a vital role in keeping your metabolism rate up.

Diet - to treat the symptoms of exhaustion
Diet – to treat the symptoms of exhaustion


2. Supplementation and Medication

Magnesium supplements are quite useful since they play a large role in converting protein, carbs and fat into energy resources. Daily consumption of multi-vitamin tablets ensures you’re getting the minimum amount of nutrients your body needs to battle the exhaustion and get back on track. Ginkgo is another supplement that improves the blood flow to the brain and makes you feel active and full of energy.

Pills - to treat the symptoms of exhaustion
Pills – to treat the symptoms of exhaustion


3. Exercise

Constant exercise throughout the week can keep your body active and in a fighting position. This will keep your blood sugar levels and your cholesterol and fat levels optimum too. Aerobic exercises on most days of the week can boost your energy and also help you shed some unnecessary fat too.

Running - to treat the symptoms of exhaustion
Exercise- to treat the symptoms of exhaustion


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4. Sleep

Sleep is crucial to recovery because your body gets a chance to recover only when you’re sleeping. A regular sleeping pattern can do a lot more for you than you think. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day can make your body get used to your schedule and wake up fresher every day. Short naps also do their part on the road to recovery and sometimes, a little more sleep than usual, especially when you’re exhausted, can help you recover faster.

Sleep - to treat the symptoms of exhaustion
Sleep – to treat the symptoms of exhaustion


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