Tips on how to get rid of stomach fat

Belly fat is quite an inconvenience. It ruins your clothes as you can’t fit into them comfortably and tight tops or shirts are off-limits. And you can’t help but wish you had a flat abdomen, But before you pop the big question, let us tell you that everyone has belly fat. Even the people with rock hard abs. Having a little amount of fat is healthy. Why? We all have a fat layer under the skin, which we need, in order to protect us from cold and to fortify the inner core of our body.

But there is one other type of fat called visceral fat. This fat lies around our organs. Having too much visceral or active fat in your body can be quite dangerous since it can cause fairly severe health problems including type 2 diabetes. You always know if you have too much belly fat because it shows, but the only way you can tell if you have too much visceral fat is by getting an MRI scan, which is quite costly. But research has shown that around 10% of our body fat is stored as visceral fat so, if you find your overall body fat, you can assume that 10% of it visceral fat.

So, let’s get into our tips on how to get rid of stomach fat.


How to get rid of stomach fat

1. Diet

Eat low-fat foods: Cutting down on carbs doesn’t necessary help you lose weight. Low-carb foods are what you need in order to drop some pounds. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the way you work. Studies show that people who work out more, need more carbohydrates everyday compared to those who work out less. So, it’s not advisable to cut down on carbs just because you think more carbs make you fatter. It’s actually the fatty foods, that make you fatter. So, consuming low-fat foods can make you thinner than if you consume less carbs.

tips on how to get rid of stomach fat
Low fat, tips on how to get rid of stomach fat


Cut down on sugar: Sugar is half fructose and half glucose. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver in small amounts at all time. When you consume a lot of sugar or sweetened beverages, the liver is flooded with fructose and is forced to convert all of it into fat. Studies have shown that too much sugar consumption can result in a lot of belly fat.

tips on how to get rid of stomach fat
sugar, tips on how to get rid of stomach fat


Eat more protein: Protein is the most important nutrient for gaining muscle as well as to lose weight owing to the fact that if fuels lean muscle growth and suppresses cravings.

tips on how to get rid of stomach fat
Protein, tips on how to get rid of stomach fat


2. Exercise:

The second most important aspect to losing belly fat is exercise. A common fitness myth is that crunches reduce belly fat. That is totally false. Our abdomen, like other body parts, has muscles, the abs. And abs, like the other muscle groups, grow if you perform exercises to work them. Belly fat lies above the abs, so when you do crunches, it works your abdominal muscles out and they bulge out a little. But you have belly fat covering them, so, what happens? They push the belly fat out a little too. Making you look like you have more of a belly than you really do. So, that’s one issue you’ll have to deal with if you do only crunches.

tips on how to get rid of stomach fat
Crunches myth, tips on how to get rid of stomach fat

The two key types of exercises for cutting down belly fat are cardio and fat burning exercises. Cardio-vascular exercises like running or skipping are great for losing belly fat. And fat burning workouts are short bursts of intensive abs exercise with very rest periods of rest. These types of exercises constantly burn out the fat in the stomach while building up the abdominal muscles.

tips on how to get rid of stomach fat
Cardio, tips on how to get rid of stomach fat


3. Sleep

Sleep is also an important factor in belly fat loss. Your body needs sufficient amount of rest while you work out everyday. Studies show that people who sleep more than 5 hours and less than 8 hours everyday gain less visceral fat while those who sleep less than 5 hours or more than 8 hours everyday gain lesser amounts of visceral fat. Also, getting the right amounts of sleep is crucial to keep you healthy and pumped for the next day,

tips on how to get rid of stomach fat
Sleep, tips on how to get rid of stomach fat


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