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There is hardly any student who has not been assigned to write an essay at the university or college. Moreover, usually, young people write this type of academic paper most often and in different disciplines. It is one of the most effective ways to check student’s intelligence level and see how he or she can express their thoughts on the paper. Students also challenge the essay writing process trying to make every new paper better so here are some tips to consider for those ones who wish to improve their written papers

Note:- Be descriptive in your essays and showcase your complete knowledge in the essay. Here is the post which will explain you the steps to writing a superb descriptive essay

1. Read a lot and essays in particular

A good example is a necessity for inexperienced writers, so students are advised to read a lot. Reading is crucial for improving the vocabulary level, communication, coherency of your speech, its emotional tone. When you read, you remember some important information at the unconscious level and soon you might get surprised where you have learned one or another phrase or linking word.

Another important tip is to read out other people’s essays. By doing that you get used to the standard structure and can remember how to present your viewpoint from a more beneficial side. Moreover, you will gradually build your own essay writing style and learn to be persuasive and accurate.

2. Expand your vocabulary

Not only reading can heal to increase the number of your vocabulary. You can look through online and paper dictionaries or subscribe to an email that offers a ‘word a day’. Every new day you will learn a new word without much effort. If you see that you use one and the same word in all texts, use the thesaurus to find synonyms and sound convincing and interesting. Pay attention to prefixes, suffixes, and roots to use the words of different parts of speech, while an effort to create your personal vocabulary may also do you a big favor.

A good essay should be composed of accurate and informative words as readers never finish the text if it wastes their time, so decent vocabulary is of utmost importance.

3. Allow readers to learn other people’s opinions from your essay

When you start reading an essay, you can understand from several lines how to read a writer is. Essays are perfect for showing your intelligence, so quoting or mentioning the opinion of other acknowledged people can complement your paper. Writing essay you should research the topic from different angles and support of your arguments by other scholars will add value to it.

Of course, it is impossible to remember all the information by heart so you can use a notebook and write down interesting ideas of other people there, for example.

4. Syntax, punctuation, and tone of voice

The goal of each essay is to deliver the message. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to get it if you have to read long and complex sentences. That is why you should predominantly use short sentences. If it is impossible in some cases, your sentence must have an effective punctuation for it to be understood from the first glance at it.

One more important feature of paper writing is the tone of voice. Your text must be absorbing and exciting to be read till the end. To sound persuasive you should use a confident tone of voice, prefer active voice rather than passive and be formal rather than boring.

5. Planning is as important as writing

A good essay cannot be written without planning. Skipping this important stage student often get poorly structured and lacking arguments papers. Consequently, these papers have no academic value and do not deserve A grade. Try to organize the thoughts you have in some sections, list the arguments, write short descriptions of each paragraph. As soon as you create a skeleton you can fill it with information. Never neglect examples to support your arguments and draw only clear and related to the topic conclusions to convince the reader undoubtedly.

Conclusion –

We have provided and helped you with all the tips which we can give you in writing essays and it’s up to you to choose the best way because some people like to do the process in reverse manner. They start the writing and in between, they will frame the concepts and continue it but in general, this is the process which will be a sure success.

If you have any doubts or suggestions then you can drop your mail address in the comment box below so that we will update our article accordingly.

Essay writing is not pretty much tough or rocket science and all you need to excel in this is to gain the complete knowledge on the subject you are writing on. Keep writing essays and cheers 🙂

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