Top 6 Best Apps Perfect For Environmentalists

Environment is a natural resource that gets replenished pretty much on its own by its unique recycling processes, yet there are some changes that are more or less irreversible such as global warming and ozone depletion to mention a few. This calls for careful planning of activities on the part of the humans. After all, we owe our existence to the environment on this planet. If it was not for the perfect combination of elements required for our very existence on this planet, we wouldn’t be here. More over we are living in a digital world where everything needs to be automated and should be available on our smartphones. As everyone are interested in getting a smartphone, App developers are looking to develop applications for smart phones to make life much easier. So, today we are interested in writing on Best Apps For Environmentalists. Just go through our post and get some great apps for your mobile.

For the past decade or so, humans have finally started realizing the enormous impact of their actions on the ecological balance and organizations have cropped up to devise global policies for saving the planet Earth. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of every individual to play his role, no matter how small it may be, to save the Earth and keep it green. Thanks to the smartphone revolution and a plethora of apps found in the app store, nearly everyone can grab a bunch of apps that can help us make more eco-friendly decisions. If you are an environmentalist at heart, have a look at these hand-picked apps and hop onto the Go-Green bandwagon to keep yourself and the environment healthy and clean.

Top And Best Apps For Environmentalists :-

Below is the list of top and best apps for environmentalists. We have listed the apps based on user reviews and ratings, if you have any other best alternatives then comment below such that we can update the list with your favourite app.

  1. Commute Greener:


commute greener-IOS-ANDROID-APPs-for-free
Commute Greener- Best Apps For Environmentalists

Commute Greener can serve as your first step towards making the Earth a better place to live. It keeps a track of your carbon footprint as you commute from one place to the other. Whether you commute by car, bus or train, emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CO is inevitable.  Commute Greener motivates you to adopt healthier options for transport such as a bicycle, public transport or a car pool. It helps you take more practical steps in reducing your CO2 emissions by setting feasible targets and keeping a track of your progress. It also gives you customized suggestions on how to make your travel as low-emission as possible_ from providing the most efficient map routes, feedbacks on traffic congestion to ride sharing suggestions on your daily travel route. You can also share your experiences with your friends on social media. The app adds up a competitive spice to this go-green spirit by letting you compete with other community members and gain real time rewards and points. The greater the improvement, the greater the rewards and suggestions. This app is especially useful for urban dwellers who have a wide range of commuting options available as well as companies who want to inspire their employees to use greener ways of travel.

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  1. Good Guide:
Good Guide- Second Best App For Environmentalists

Going for a grocery shopping seems like a tedious task these days. With numerous options available for a single product, the mind seems to be dazzled and confused at the same time. With Good Guide by your side, you would be able to make more informed and eco-friendly decisions. Users can scan the barcodes of various products on the shelf on their phone and the app rates each one of them according to their environmental, societal and health impacts. It also gives added info on the environmental policies of the parent company and help you in spending your money wisely and sensibly. With a wide data base encompassing about 170, 000 products, at least you would be able to get a great deal of useful information on many, if not all of them. Currently available in U.S, only, its ranking and usability is bound to increase with more U.K. centered content.


  1. Rippl:
Rippl- Third Best App For Environmentalists

Rippl is an interesting app that gives you simple, weekly tips and suggestions that can help you make more sustainable changes to your lifestyle. The green- living tips may not only improve your day to day habits, but also save you money and cut down on your energy consumption, effectively reducing your trash impact. Each tip comes with a customizable alert that can be set according to your needs and schedule. So, no more forgetting the reusable bags; the app alerts you to grab them before you leave the house! The suggestions can be pure general knowledge or science based recommendations aimed at adopting a greener lifestyle. You can also set goals and track your progress to find out your impact. The app also gives you an opportunity to suggest useful tips with the community and share your progress with your friends.

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  1. Eco charge:
EcoCharge- Fourth Best Apps For Environmentalists

Charging our smartphones and other gadgets is a daily phenomenon but how many of us leave our phones, tablets and laptops on charge even when the batteries are full? Nearly everyone! Did you know that leaving your devices on charge even after the battery is full consumes on average 1W of power? With over more than 4 billion phones in the world, it doesn’t need a math geek to calculate how much energy loss we are incurring on a daily basis, and that also which is completely avoidable.

With a little helping hand from this app, you can cut down significantly on the wastage of electrical energy as well as increase the life of your device. The app notifies you when the charging on your device is complete, either via a sound or a vibration alert. It also informs you when your phone or other devices are overheating, so you can unplug them and save them from unnecessary strain. So no more leaving your gadgets for an overnight charging excursion or turning back to them from time to time to note the level of charge. With Eco charge as your buddy, you can be more energy smart!

  1. Fuel Good:
Fuel good- Best Apps For Environmentalists

Almost every driver knows that in-city driving costs you more fuel that highway driving. But by how much fuel you can save by modifying your driving habits, is a far difficult guess to make. According to an estimate put forward by the Energy Saving Trust, we all could save up to 2 months of fuel yearly by driving more efficiently. Now that’s gross!

The app configures your car by asking you details on the name, model, age and engine size of your car. It uses GPS to track each journey made by your car. It then provides a summary of distance travelled, time taken, average emissions, and the savings you could make by driving more efficiently. The app also provides you with useful tips to help increase the fuel efficiency of your car. Want to have a look at some of the tips? Here are some recommended Fuel Good tips:

  • Keep the momentum
    Stop-go driving burns fuel. Watch the cars ahead to lessen sharp acceleration and heavy braking.
  • Don’t idle
    Switch off if you’re stationary for more than a minute or two at road works or lights.  Restarting the engine without pressing the accelerator uses virtually no fuel.
  • Check tyres regularly
    You’ll use more fuel if you drive on under-inflated tyres. Check the pressure regularly especially before a long trip.
  • Switch off air conditioning
    Use air conditioning sparingly. Your engine has to work harder to power the air conditioning so more fuel is used. If driving at low speed, open the window instead.
  • Cut the short trips
    Short trips under five miles use more fuel per mile. Use an alternative to the car to make some of your short trips and save on fuel.


  1. Love Food Hate Waste:
LFHW- Best Apps For Environmentalists

Being environment friendly is not just about cutting down on your greenhouse emissions or cutting down on energy losses. When it comes to valuable resources such as food, statistics show that UK homes throw away 7million tons of food and drink every year, most of which could have been eaten. So although food is completely recyclable, cutting down on food wastage is as important as anything else, so as to ease off the burden on the land and tremendous amount of resources used in generating it in the first place.

With Love Food Hate Waste App, now you can maximize your kitchen and minimize your food losses by following interesting and innovative recipes to use the leftover food in your kitchen. As you go shopping, you can check mark the items that you buy, on the app, and add it either to the cupboard, fridge or freezer, in the My Kitchen section of the app. Depending on what you buy, the app offers a Meal Planner that helps you plans your meals in advance for the next two weeks. It also gives you Portion Planners that allocates the right amount of food that should go into each recipe to minimize wastage. So, if you have a passion for cooking, here is your chance to be bombarded with thousands of recipes with step-by-step instructions. Not only that, you can earn badges and share your culinary achievements with your friends and family.

Best Apps For Environmentalists

We hope that with these apps on your phone, you would start rolling towards a lifestyle that would not only be healthy for you but also beneficial for your environment. Remember that every drop counts.

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