Top urban bodybuilding myths

A large part of the world’s population subscribes to the internet and keeps up with top trends in the world but most of us are still believe on the power of gossip and rumours and popular beliefs, like any other human. Sometimes, we believe in things without verification of their credibility and end up losing opportunities that could’ve been life-changers for us. This is very true in the world of bodybuilding and aesthetic fitness too. Although a large part of fitness enthusiasts are well aware of most of the fitness myths and have enough reason to not believe them, there are still those in and outside the fitness lifestyle that have insecurities about rumours populated by simpletons. Here are a few bodybuilding myths busted.

Bodybuilding Myths :-

Here are the top urban bodybuilding myths. Just go through these and make yourself aware of the facts. This article will help you a lot if you are looking forward to start your body building.

1. Bodybuilding and gym will cause problems in the future

One of the biggest reason why most of us don’t embrace the concept of going to the gym is that they believe that building muscle might somehow affect our lifespan. Some even believe we live shorter if we work out. Well, there is no evidence to suggest that going to the gym will decrease your lifespan. In fact, if you work out consistently and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you end up living longer than a normal human who just eats healthy.

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2. Once you stop working out, you lose all your muscle

Although this is true, there is an upside to it. Your muscles won’t shrivel away immediately just because you stopped working out. It takes at least a few weeks for your muscle to slowly shrink after you stop working out. It’s like this. If you lift heavy weights, your muscles see it as something hurting you and if you keep lifting heavy everyday or every week, your muscles learn to adapt to this pain by becoming bigger. This is a defensive mechanism that they use in order to prevent themselves from getting hurt every time you lift heavy weights. Once your muscles grow big enough to counter the weight that you lift, you must life higher so that they become bigger and counter that too. Once you stop working out, your muscles realize that you are not under that kind of pressure anymore so they see no need to defend themselves against the constant pain they were used to. Hence, they shrink down. But they remember the pain. This is called Muscle Memory. This helps them grow back faster the second time around when you start working out again.

3. Protein powders are steroids

Contrary to popular belief among many, protein powders are not steroids. They are almost as natural as the protein you get from your real food. No muscle booting chemical is mixed with them. They are just plain protein, with some added chemicals which are only used to make them into powder and add flavor to them. And you need protein powder if you want to grow. Let me put it to you this way. Let us assume your body needs 6000kcal everyday in order for you to grow. You can only eat so much food everyday but it won’t come anywhere close to your calorie requirements and besides, stuffing yourself that much with all kinds of foods in unhealthy. That’s where protein powders come in. They give you the same amount of calories as your everyday food and have no side-effects, as long as you’re not taking too much and drinking a lot of water. So, at the end of the day, you can only grow to a certain extent without protein powders but trust me, you’ll need them.

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4. I don’t need to be muscular to lead a good life

True, but studies show that muscular people are more confident, less susceptible to diseases and live longer. You don’t have to go to the gym just to be muscular. Fitness is the ultimate goal. Even some of the most intelligent minds on the planet practise fitness just so that they can have better lives.

So, what do you have to worry about? Get out there and get buff.

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