The Remote Life – Travel While Your Work

Traveling is fun and won’t you agree with me? All you need is a perfect plan for your travel and what if I say that everything will be managed by a local company. Sounds awesome right. Now the first thing that knocks your brain is price and the network which I am mentioning today charges very less and rated as the best travel company by the top travel blogs. The best catch here is you don’t need to apply for any leave as your work is not getting paused. The travel company will provide you all facilities to continue your work and its completely your wish whether to continue your work or not.

If you have been working very long with heavy schedule then this break is highly recommended as it not only provides you relaxation but also the continuation of work. Theremotelife is the network which I have been telling and the best feature of this network is you don’t need to arrange anything including in between flights. They will take care of everything and won’t leave any wonderful place uncovered in that region.

Feels tempting ? Let me explain you few other points. Every month they will plan one great place to visit and they charge monthly 1150$ which is pretty much cheaper as in between flight charges are also included. They will cover almost everything you need except shopping ?

Let me give you more details of their plan.

The Remote Life-Travel While Working

Here are the few best features listed and explained easily for your better understanding. Kindly go through them and let us know if we missed any important element in the traveling book. We will be hanging around the comments section below to hear your views.


They have got an awesome team to cover everything from tickets to Visa approval. All you need is to just join their program and travel the world happily. Moreover, they will also provide you local SIM cards which will help you to communicate with your family or business.

Workplace :-

This is the best part of their plan and no company will provide you a month leave unless it’s mandatory. So, they will provide everything for you to complete your work. The workspace they will provide you is simply superb and I really loved this idea. They will provide you unlimited and uninterrupted wifi which won’t let your boss miss you.

travel while you work
The Remote Life- Travel While You Work

Food :-

The best part of traveling is food and tasting different kinds of food is really fun. The company will take care of two times food daily with a local menu. Yummy right.

Stay & Transportation :-

If you are a traveler then you will understand the impact of stay and transportation. If you don’t find a great place and transportation then your complete trip will be screwed. Now keep those worries aside and company will take care of everything. They will provide you luxury rooms and villas. If you are the one with a low budget then you can also ask them for shared rooms. These plans are completely convenient to all travelers and their budget.


It will be boring to travel alone without any interaction. So, here you are mixed with many other travelers which are of your similar taste. This will really won’t put you in boredom. More than this, they will arrange a dinner with local people which is amazing. You can interact with them and exchange your views too. This makes the program truly worthy.

Things to be noted:-

They won’t provide you any jobs or wages but, you can continue your job with their plan.

The program starts from source to destination only and not till your home. So, don’t claim anything later and you can also read out their FAQ section in which they have provided you all the details.

You can eat or shop whatever you want and with your own money. Your shopping and outside eating doesn’t come under their program.

More than all, entertainment with cultural activities are guaranteed and book your slot before the offer expires.


I really liked their idea and even our team is joining their program in June or July. If you don’t believe me then wait for few more months and we will upload and update the complete travel program on our blog. They are completely genuine company and also got featured on top blogs like TOI, Huffingtonpost and business insider. Hope you liked our insights on this program and stay tuned for more updates with a live gallery. If you still have any doubts then let us know through the comments section below and we would like to answer all your questions. Have a great day ahead and cheers.
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  1. Kanu says

    One of the best blog covers and gives all the content related to the topic. Veru well elaborated in terms of the topic of food,transportation,travelling etc.
    Best and great app at all.

  2. Shruti Rawat says

    Theremotelife has come up with a remarkable concept of traveling. Work, transportation, communication facilities, everything is being taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and feast upon this enthralling journey.
    It is certainly a tempting deal, considering how much is offered at such an affordable price.

  3. Chirag Tilara says

    I like the way this blog is written, no blabbering, straight to the point. Covered all the important features of The Remote Life. I don’t even feel like I’d need to visit their website, just contact them, hop on a plane and be off to enjoy life. Great to see such a unique Indian initiative.

  4. Ankita Sahoo says

    Okay, this sounds awesome! the idea of traveling and working is actually something very interesting. Getting out of the routine work environment and getting a whole new experience of traveling around and looking forward to new things and coming across new ideas sounds so good. By far the best workplace environment ever heard.

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