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There was a time when we had to rely a lot on weather forecasting news and radio updates for keeping updated regarding weather conditions, but not anymore. With the advancement of technology and software, online information is widely available, especially through desktop apps and smartphone apps.

When to come to applications, there are a lot of weather apps out there, but WeatherBug has been able to get and maintain the track for the best Android and iPhone weather app from last several years. Let’s get to know few of the best features of the app:

Best Features Of WeatherBug App:-

All the basic features are integrated into the app and the below list consists of the rare features which will help you in picking this app for your device.

Spark – Let’s Find Out Sparks

With this feature of the app, you are getting lightning detection technology on your Android smartphone or iPhone. You will simply need to navigate to the main page, and in any case, if there are chances of lightning in your area, it will let you know with an alert.

Not just that, with the Spark map you can even look at the ‘spark map’ which will show a lightning icon if there are lightning strikes in any part of the world. Also, the app will tell you the distance of the lightning sparks form your neighborhood.

Spark map can be utilized while planning your next vacation, check out in advance if there are any chances of lightning at the spot you are visiting. You don’t want to ruin all the fun due to that, do you?

10-Day Weather Forecasts

The major problem with few weather apps is the updating delay. we cannot refer them to the real-time data. Most of them show data of maybe an hour ago, but this is what separates WeatherBug app from other such apps. The app shows live data with a data delay of just 2 seconds, and also with the help of satellite and a huge number of sensors, they do provide weather forecast of 10 days. Isn’t this really amazing?

Weather Alerts Feature

Coordinating with NWS (National Weather Service,)the WeatherBug app provides an exclusive feature of DTA (Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts) with which the app can quickly give you an alert for any bad weather cases.
Additionally, the app has two widgets for Android, one-by-one slot the smaller one, and the larger one is two by one slot, which lets you access all the weather-related news and updates instantly on your smartphone.

Hurricane Centre

Hurricane center is an exclusive WeatherBug feature, which refers to the monitoring and analyzing of weather situations to predict if there is any chance of a hurricane in your neighborhood or any part of the world.
And, being pre-informed will make you keep ready and prepared for any cases. Along with alerts for hurricanes, it shows satellite views (animated, of course) and pre-informs for any chances of storms.

What’s more?

It’s completely Free of cost and you can download it from both the play store and app store.

We all do love free apps, and mostly when the app provides values through their data. And, in this case, WeatherBug is not just free, it comes with a cluster of important information, news, and data which is very important for us.

Compatibility – It’s Everywhere

You choose a device and there will be the WeatherBug app. It’s available on all major platforms. Let it be Mac, Windows, Microsoft phone, android phone, iPhone and it’s even available as a chrome extension too.

Interface Of WeatherBug App

Now let’s understand the interface of the WeatherBug app.

The First Page

By default, when you will open the app, and it will show you basic weather information in your area such as the temperature, humidity, sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed and direction, pressure, latest alerts, and so forth.

The Second Page

The next page is the ‘Spark’ page, which is a unique feature till yet for any weather based applications ever been developed. Most importantly the data in the real-time. The page has several location marks through which you can navigate to different parts of the country for lightning status. Also, there is ‘current location’ select button and ‘zoom’ button at the top right corner.

The Third Page

The third page is the ‘Forecast’ page, which categorizes in 4 sliding pages including:
1. Now
2. 10-Day
3. Hourly
4. Details

The ‘Now’ page shows the current weather forecast for your region for the day and night with basic details like wind speed, sunny or cloudy, etc. The ‘Now’ section of the page shows all the weather details like current dew point, humidity, sunrise, sunset, Gusts, Pressure, and alerts (if any). Similarly, the ‘10 day’ will show weather forecast for next ten day, and similarly, you can check for hourly weather status.

Also, at the top right corner, you do have the option to change the location or set the app to your current location.Also, at the bottom of the page, you can slide for Radar andPhotos, these photos include the satellite views and news images.

The Fourth Page

The last page is ‘Radar Map’ WeatherBug app features two type of data in Radar Map:

1. Doppler Radar
2. PulseRad Radar

In weather forecasting, Doppler radar is based on the concept of Doppler Effect; it measures the velocity of the objects;i.e., the motion of precipitation. This is also utilized to determine the direction of the movement of atmosphere concerning the radar, which is either towards the radar or away from it.

On the other hand, PulseRad radar is a special technology by Earths network to get an interactive map of weather forecasting for remote locations and shows important information including:

• Tracking extremely cold or wet situations
• Helps as a weather-based decision-making

WeatherBug App: Usability and Compatibility

The WeatherBug App is available for both Android and iPhone user, and in fact, the app has more than a million reviews and more than 10 million downloads on the Android platform itself.

This app is exclusively compatible with desktops and Windows smartphones too. therefore, download WeatherBug app to experience the cool features and latest weather updates, because the weather is unpredictable, at least for human eyes and sense.

We, especially when holding busy lifestyles, don’t want to ruin our daily schedules just because of bad weather. If we are pre-informed and acknowledged about the same, then we can arrange for saving our day being stuck in bad weather. WeatherBug app is a perfect option for all conditions, locations, and occasions. We high recommend you to follow the updates from this app to stay dry and peaceful.

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